Kidney Transplant Surgery: Cost, Procedure & Success Rate In India

Kidney Transplant Surgery Cost

A kidney transplant is a medical surgery performed to remove the non-functional or dysfunctional kidney and replace it with a healthy and fully functional one. However, a healthy kidney can be donated by a living or deceased donor. A living donor can be a family member or a friend.

A deceased donor is a person who has healthy kidneys but may have died due to an accident. Kidneys play an extremely crucial role in flushing out waste from the body. They are responsible for filtering the waste from the blood and flushing it out of the body via urine.

What Is the Need For Kidney Transplant?

When kidneys fail to perform their functions or stop functioning, a kidney transplant is essential. Alternatively, patients are first exposed to dialysis treatment. Dialysis is a process of filtering the blood and removing out toxic waste from the body mechanically.

A kidney transplant is the last option when a patient’s kidney completely stops working and is referred to as end-stage renal disease (ESRD). If both kidneys of a patient’s stop working, only one is enough to replace both. A kidney transplant cost in India is comparatively less than the other developed countries.

Reasons For Kidney Failure

Many other diseases are responsible for kidney failure. Below are some primary reasons for kidney failure:

  • Type 2 Diabetes

Due to type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus, the excess sugar present in the blood vessels damages and destroys several blood-filtering units in the kidneys.

  • High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is responsible for making arteries, which surround the kidneys, stiff, weak, and narrow. Therefore, kidneys do not get enough blood due to damaged arteries and blood vessels.

Other reasons for kidney failure include severe urinary tract infection, polycystic kidney disease, and glomerulonephritis.

Kidney Transplant Procedure

When a suitable match is found from either a living or deceased donor, a kidney transplant is done. A team of surgeons, nurses, and anaesthetists is required.

  • On one side of the kidney, an incision is made in the abdomen’s lower part.
  • The blood vessels in the lower abdomen are attached to the blood vessels of the new kidney(s).
  • The bladder of a patient is then connected to the new kindey’s ureter.

Kidney Transplant Cost And Success Rate In India

The kidney transplant cost in India ranges between INR 5 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs, depending upon the hospital, a patient’s condition, a type of donor, type of surgeons, cost of dialysis done before the transplant, post-transplant medications, and recovery and rehabilitation. This cost covers pre-transplant care, surgery, and post-transplant care and recovery period.

The success rate of kidney transplant in India is around 90%. It primarily depends upon the compatibility and tissue matching of a donor. Moreover, post-transplantation infection is the most significant risk that affects the success rate. Therefore, choosing a hospital with the utmost hygiene is essential.


The kidney transplant cost in India at Max Healthcare Hospital is affordable and reasonable for ordinary people with state-of-art facilities. Moreover, the hygiene required after the post kidney transplantation is maintained with great care.


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