How Buprenorphine and Therapy Can Cure Addicts with Bipolar Syndrome

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Addiction is such a complex matter that there is still not a permanent solution for it. The patient can relapse even after a full recovery, hence the patient carries a lifelong burden as long as they shall live. However, there is still hope as many medical experts at the suboxone clinic are currently working towards finding a more stable solution for such a difficult syndrome.

Even though addiction is a tough nut to crack but there is another disease that is equally troubling, and that is bipolar disorder. People affected with this mental disorder are forced to live a life in fear as they don’t know which way their emotional wave is going to be the next minute. And even though it doesn’t seem like much of a problem, many bipolar patients have the risks to become addict and they are in need of a good suboxone clinic near me.

To learn more about complex situations and how badly they affect a person, check out the below co-occurring symptoms of addiction and bipolar disorder.

As stated above, bipolar people experience radical mood swings, which are in medical terms called “episodes”. These mood shifts can last for days or weeks even. There are four stages of these mood swings or episodes…

  • Manic episodes are when the person becomes aggressively cheerful or hostile. This stage lasts for a week or for more and the patient may need to check in a hospital.
  • Hypomanic is a type of manic episode but it only lasts for four days or so and can get better with the help of a sublocade treatment doctor and therapy.
  • Major depressive episodes are when the person stays in a depressed mood and lose interest in everything. And it can last for a week.
  • The mixed episodes are when the person gets all the above three episodes together rapidly.

When a person has both of these difficult disorders going on, the only way to get out of it is through suboxone treatment near me.  There the patient will not only get treatment for the addiction syndrome but as all rehab also offer therapy session, they can take care of their bipolar disorder as well.

Treatment For Bipolar and Addiction

In the past, both of these syndromes were addressed separately but now the situation has changed drastically. And there is only one reason that is; it has been proven that mental disorders and addiction are related. And that’s why today’s therapists at the suboxone treatment centers near me know the importance of treating these two disorders altogether to prevent relapse.

Buprenorphine is used when the person is treated for addiction. It’s one of the most effective medications there is after suboxone to treat drug dependency. When the person is undergoing the withdrawal phase after being medically treated, the suboxone center uses buprenorphine to lessen the pain effectively. If this step is skipped, the patient may relapse as the withdrawal phase can go on for 12 months at the most. But this medication should be used with care as there is also a chance for the patient to get addicted to buprenorphine.

After that comes the part when the underlying cause for the addiction is addressed by the sublocade doctors. Bipolar, unlike other mental disorder, is not easy to treat as it doesn’t really go away but the therapist help to suppress the severeness of it. The therapist may apply CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy for such patients as it’s the most effective psychotherapy.

The patient will learn how to identify their mood swings and try to control them not to overreact. Even though learning such a small method takes a lot of time, but with prolonged and repetitive sessions at suboxone treatment centers, they will soon become pro at controlling their mood swings.

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