Understand the Importance of Hemp Packaging Within 6 Steps

Hemp Packaging

The global packaging market for hemp products is expected to reach $20.4 billion by the year 2025. The industry is growing at an unanticipated rate and is expected to flourish more in the future. Although it seems new, the legalization of cannabis has brought much remarkable advancement across the segment. One of the latest developments is product packaging design. If we remain limited to hemp, the level of sophistication in its packaging has reached the next level. According to the opinion of experts, consumers, as well as businesses, have become more concerned about the packaging of their hemp products. They have realized the role hemp boxes play in product protection, display, and giving more exposure to their brand. This article is an attempt to explain the importance of hemp packaging in six simple steps:

Capture the attention of the Target Audience:

Well-designed custom hemp boxes play an imperative role in reassuring the customers that they are purchasing a legal and safe product. Packaging also enhances the consumer experience by providing familiarity and a luxurious appeal. The designers have been working on various types of packaging formats to grab the attention of customers. The hemp packaging that gives premium look and feels and offers a good surface area for branding and labeling becomes the preferred choice of customers. It makes your products stand out on retail shelves. An important thing to consider here is that your packaging design should the right target audience. Be the mind of the choices that unintentionally attract the children. For example, the use of eye-catchy graphics, cartoon characters, or words like candies or cookies may work well from a marketing perspective but they increase the risk of attracting the children. A minimal and sophisticated hemp packaging design is an everlasting trend that will give the right exposure to your brand.

Make sure that It’s Fresh and Potent:

In the case of hemp products, it is necessary to ensure that they are delivered fresh and safely to the customers. Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of a cannabis product. First of all, you should analyze what type of protection it demands. For example, in the case of hemp oil, the product should be the first place in a glass/plastic bottle with a sealed and airtight cap to keep it fresh for long. Moreover, the cap should have a good closure that works even after opening the product for the first. After that, place the bottle in cardboard hemp oil boxes to enhance the level of protection. Similarly, in the case of hemp flower, it is necessary to save the product from oxygen so that its shelf life and potency do not degrade. The best way to ensure it is using a Modified Atmosphere Packaging solution, also known as nitrogen gas flush during the packaging process. This technology introduces harmless nitrogen gas inside the packaging before sealing. Nitrogen displaces the oxygen and delays oxidation and spoilage.

Go Green:

As the cannabis industry is growing with an unprecedented growth rate, it also generates a large amount of packaging waste. Approximately 10 tons of waste was reported during the first year of legalization alone in Canada and the amount is growing globally tremendously. Due to the use of hard to recycle plastic, they end up in landfills and pollute the environment. The best way out of the situation is to use green packaging material. You may go for glass, plant-based hemp plastic, paper, cardboard, and other sustainable options. By making an effort to save the planet, you can not only attract eco-friendly consumers but also overcome the growing global issues.

Keep Children Safe:

The rise in the use of hemp or cannabis for medical or recreational purposes has led to unintended exposure and access by children. Each state has its packaging requirements and they should follow on creating a child-resistant packaging by law. All of your hemp products should be subjected to child-Resistant Packaging parameters stated by Consumer Product and Safety Commission. Your packaging should be tested repeatedly to prevent getting it into the wrong hands. Some of the commonly used safety measures include exit bags, sealed packages, push and twist caps, metallic tins, metered dosing with a locking function, and squeeze and pull designs, etc.

Do not Forget Compliance Labeling:

For the brands creating hemp products to be sold at dispensaries, it is important to meet the regulatory labeling requirements before delivering the product to the customers. Whether it’s a hemp box or any other type of packaging, there should be enough surface area to ensure that your brand’s identity is not lost among the compliance stickers. On the other hand, for the retailers, it is necessary to educate the salesperson about where to place the label, so that the important information on the custom hemp boxes can become clear.

Be Flexible:

The rules and regulations regarding the use of hemp products vary across different states. As a result compliance issues may exist throughout the landscape. Proper packaging and labeling are the most effective ways to deal with those changes. Instead of estimating the new rules and when they will be rolled out, the businesses should proactively go beyond the current requirements. It potentially saves your time and money on reprinting down the line. For this, you have to do proper research before designing your packages. The manufacturers may often grasp the laws but it’s up to retailers to ensure that all the regulations are met when their hemp packaging is placed on shelves.

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