Is It Legal to Monitor Personal Phones of Employees?

Employee Monitoring

A company can’t go to the next step of success until the employees do not perform their duties. 80% of organizations use employee tracking apps to monitor the staff. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to measure the performance of the employees to increase the productivity rate. But every employee has their own rights and legal issues that employers or management should follow.

Three Benefits to Track the Employees:

1 – To Analyze the Behavior of Staff

2 – To Collect the Evidence

3 – To Watch What Employees Do

Is It Legal to Monitor Personal Phones of Employees?

No, it is illegal to monitor the personal phones of employees.

How can an employer legally track the employee? Let’s have a look:

1 – Management can monitor only company-owned property, such as work phones, vehicles, or laptops.

2 – An employer can track only within working hours.

3 – It is not allowed to monitor employees without them knowing because it is against the laws.

4 – Management can’t install a tracker in the staff’s personal devices, or they have a right to file a lawsuit against the company.

5 – An employer can check the GPS location of employees only when they are at work or doing some task.

Every country has some state laws that every company should follow for tracking purposes. Here, our next section includes the reasons that make employee monitoring crucial.

1 – Ensure the employee’s loyalty

Every employee is not loyal, and here, tracking helps a lot. It might be possible that competitors hire a spy to collect the sensitive information of your company. The company can check the emails and calls of the work phone to instantly identify who is leaking the data and stop such actions.

2 – To measure the performance

Some employees love to play games or do personal things during working hours. It is hard for management to keep an eye on the staff who is wasting time. But using employee surveillance software, you can see who uses the phone mostly. It will clear the air whom you should warn and whom you should encourage for hard work.

3 – Location Tracking of Staff

The employer often gets worried when their employees take too much time for outdoor tasks. But now, management can check the GPS location of the staff anytime. It will show where your employee spends the time, and an employer can count the time as well.

Do you know about reliable sources for tracking services?

Well, we have come with the best 5 Employee tracking apps.


It is a well-developed employee surveillance app that provides only high-quality services along with advanced features. TWS follows a non-rooting process for tracking and demands affordable rates.


Basic Version: 1 Month License $19.99

Starter: 15 Days License $6.99

Ultimate Version: 1 Month License $29.99


Spyic is the solution that works under stealth mode and tracks the employees with a detailed report. It ensures the company’s security with its efficient monitoring services. Find out where your employees are with the GPS location tracking feature.


Cocospy is mostly known for its employee surveillance services. It provides only advanced spy features to locate the target devices and check where your employees are. A company can ensure the business’s security only when it has loyal employees that are possible now with Cocospy.


mSpy is back with its exceptional services and offers more efficient services than ever before. Now, you can avail of its employee tracking services with only one click. There is no rooting process to follow to monitor the target device.


Glympse is the solution that allows you to check the real-time location of your employees. Now, an employer can check when the employees enter or leave the office. It is a free employee tracking app that gives complete access to employee’s data plus sends whereabouts notifications.

Wrapping Up

Employee tracking apps have minimized the paperwork that the employer used to do to keep track. The right technology can give us more than we could have ever imagined. Employee surveillance software is also a handy solution to take your company to the next step. All you need is to get help from reliable sources.

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