Benefits Of Using Disposables or Traditional Tableware

Disposable Packaging is most commonly associated within the food industry and is used to package food that goes on sale for the public. You will find these in most supermarkets and well anywhere that sells takeaway food. For example sandwiches found in a supermarket are packaged in a clear plastic casing; this product is completely disposable and designed to be thrown away when you have finished with your sandwich. The packaging can be made from a variety of materials with the most common being plastic, card and polystyrene.

The Polystyrene disposable packaging is often found in takeaway food places like the chip shop or kebab shop. The food you order is placed into the polystyrene container and the lid is closed (if it has a lid), they also supply you with disposable forks and knives. Chicken shops like KFC often use cardboard for their packaging, they have cardboard boxes and buckets that the use to place the chicken you order in, they opt for these as they are larger in size and can be printed on with promotions and advertisements.

There are several reasons why businesses (mentioned above) are opting to use catering disposables. By discussing each of the properties you will become familiar with the advantages of using plastic containers, bowls and cups over more aesthetically pleasing metal dinnerware. A few plus points among many are listed below:

Enjoy Delicacies in a Hygienic Way

Disposable tableware comes delivered pre-packed when ordered online. This feature is beneficial for restaurants and takeaways that prioritize consumer health and hygiene to achieve positive online customer reviews or ratings. As a result of which business growth is guaranteed. High quality food packaging products can also be used to pack leftover foods and maintain the freshness of food. The one-time usability factor of these throwaway products significantly reduces the spread of contamination and spread of diseases. The usefulness of these items is clear.

Light Weight

Imagine carrying 20 silver plates to and from a large family gathering on a Sunday afternoon and then cleaning up afterwards. Disposable tableware is generally produced with quality materials such as plastic, paper, foam and aluminium. The convenience of using lightweight disposables is clearly a winning point in comparison to those made with heavy metals, ceramics and more. This feature gives disposable tableware a big advantage over traditional dinnerware to its users.


Fear of ceramic tableware getting damaged is one of the main reasons why many decide to stow away their precious china and porcelain plates. The remarkable resilience and durability of disposable items is discussed here as those created with heavy duty plastic have the highest quality and thickness. Damaged tableware should be the last thought on the host’s mind!

Affordable Way to Save Time & Energy

Using disposables supplies saves money on water and energy bills along with the time taken to wash up. This in turn assists the host to cut-down cost and free-up the time and money so that, it can be spent elsewhere for guest entertainment.


Food packaging items such as plastic containers are fridge and freezer friendly. Hence, it dramatically extends the life span of foods and lessens the chances of the consumables being thrown out. Moreover, with the help of these food storage products one can massively decrease the amount of freezer and fridge space being used. Hence, it is perfect for maximizing space for other things such as groceries.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Biodegradable and eco-friendly food packaging products are getting huge appreciation these days. The reason for this is linked to people who are conscious about pollution and demand products that are recyclable and also sustainably sourced. Needless to say, in the near future this point would be highly beneficial to future generations.

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