Career opportunities after completing SAP Certification and an Overview.

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Career opportunities after completing SAP Certification and an Overview.

SAP objectives at dealing with facts, to offer clients the abilit to interact with a single unified gadget and it’s far ensured via way of means of its comprehensive modules. SAP implementation calls for enjoyment and adequate expertise, as it is complicated and tough to handle. That’s the reason, why SAP is a highly demanded technological certification with a whole lot of professional possibilities. An increasing variety of ERP Software is raising the need for SAP licensed professional for each module. There are somany SAP training institute in kerala which offers certified cources.If you’re exploring the professional possibilities in this field, those are vast. Know the details, via way of means of analyzing upcoming sections of this article:

SAP Training Institute Kerala - Wycorp

Popular SAP Certification and Training Courses 

With over 150 distinctive certifications to be had in distinctive fields and at distinctive levels of information, SAP certification schooling courses are available for each person wit the willingness to study and improve their profession. The most famous SAP professional software training  guides are:

  1. SAP Activate Project Manager
  2. SAP BusinessObjects Business
    Intelligence Platform 4.2
  3. Data Integration with SAP Data Services
  4. SAP BW/4HANA Delta
  5. SAP Certified Product Support
    Specialist – SAP Commer


 SAP Activate Project Manager

The SAP Activate Project Manager is a certificate to exhibit the extent of information at SAP project management. As learners improve their levels of certification, they construct at the  foundational know-how of consulting and control of projects with realistic experience, The SAP Activate Project Manager certification is used to validate the operating know-how of the venture control and enterprise competencies of operating experts in addition to their capacity to apply SAP solutions effectively. A SAP Activate Project Manager is licensed to control a venture proper from its strategy planning stage up till it’s been released. He is able to develop venture roadmaps, threat control, and fine control strategies. The certification  teaches learners approximately efficient project control the use of Agile strategies and SAP Activate elements.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2

The SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform 4.2 certification is created for all enterprise directors who need to discover ways to efficiently and successfully set up SAP Business Intelligence solutions in addition to standardize them during the organization. The licensed experts will understand how to investigate and record on BI records, advantage a higher knowledge of the SAP BI maturity model, and grow to be licensed SAP Business Objectives Consultants.


Data Integration with SAP Data Services 4.2

The Data Integration with SAP Data Services 4.2 certification training course supplied by SAP showcases the learner’s knowledge in records integration, overall performance tuning, implementation of layout strategies, sizing strategies, troubleshooting, and recovery in addition to permitting records transformation the use of SAP. The licensed professional can be capable of efficiently put into effect ETL initiatives and control them with SAP.


The SAP BW/4HANA Delta certification schooling path is for operating expert and learners who need to understand extra about the implementation and modeling of SAP BW/4HANA. This is a recommended certification for people who are searching to grow to be SAP BW application consultants. The path teaches learners approximately the distinctive modeling artifacts in SAP BW/4HANA, records provisioning processes, hybrid modeling, and extra.

SAP Certified Product Support Specialist – SAP Commerce

The SAP Certified Product Support Specialist certification training course is for all people who are already operating as SAP Commerce Product Support Specialists or need to begin their profession on this location of information. The certification path will give SAP Commerce Product Support Specialists the technical competencies required for this process role. They will find out about product help processes, configuration, overall performance, troubleshooting, and extra.

Module-Wise Career Opportunities for SAP Aspirants

SAP gives a huge variety of modules, protecting each factor of IT industries and enterprise management. SAP provides 28 modules in total, out of which, a few are enormously useful from professional perspective:       


For Material Management SAP Materials Management  (MM)

Passing the SAP Certification for MM Module can growth your probabilities of turning into Project Manager, SAP Procurement Specialist, SAP Trainer, Team Leader, Manager Materials SAP End User, Purchase Executive or SAP MM Functional Consultant. There are so many SAP MM Training Institutes in Kerala which offers certified course on MM.  


To manage diverse data SAP NetWeaver  

SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO) Module Project Leader, Module Lead, Process Developer, SAP Functional Consultant, Manager Costing, SAP FICO Consultant, SAP FI Consultant and SAP CO Consultant are a few profession possibilities, to be had after this exam.

 For the Payroll Team – SAP Payroll Module

 Qualifying Payroll module complements your probabilities of turning into HR Executive, SAP HCM Consultant or Payroll Executive. 

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Module- For Sales

SAP CRM Functional Consultant, Team Leader, Project Manager SAP, Software Engineer, SAP Trainee, Senior Designer, SAP SD End User, and SAP SD Functional Consultant is a few professional potentialities you may endeavor, via way of means of clearing this module. Lots of SAP SD Training Institute Kerala offers certified courses on sales and distribution.

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)Module – For HR 

With HCM certification you can become HR Officer, SAP MM Consultant, HR Generalist, Assistant Manager HR, SAP HCM Functional Consultant, HR Recruiter, HR Executive, or SAP HR Functional Consultant.

Prerequisite for Building Career in SAP

Through the SAP certification course, your cap potential to use SAP structures are justified, which makes it a prerequisite of coming into this professional field. It validates your know-how on a worldwide platform.



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