5 Easy Ways To Increase The Length Of Your Essay

length of essay

Essays usually come as an assignment in college and like many other instructions the length is pre-defined. If you are unable to meet the length of the essay then you can be negatively marked. Even the professors would notice that you didn’t pay attention to the guidelines, which may affect your impression. 


Most students are aware of this and several other challenges that come with essay writing therefore they look for an assignment helper online to outsource their work. There is no issue in hiring experts but if you still want to try writing your essay yourself you can simply follow our 5 easy tips given below that will help you achieve the desired essay length.


Some of the best essay writing service use these techniques and therefore we assure you that it will work. Let’s get started, shall we?


Include examples relevant to your topic

This is the best way to increase the length of an essay. Most topics become clear when you explain it with examples. If you are trying to make an argument, try doing it with some real-life experience or quoting some incident or news, etc. The reader will be able to picture it or connect with it quickly. 


Add quotes and stats 

Introductions need an extra edge to hook the users so that they stay and not leave. In case your essay is complete but missing the length then you can fit some quotes or stats to cover the length and intrigue the users simultaneously.


Go through your outline again

You should visit your outline once again and see where there is still scope to add a few words. Don’t add any new information. Just try to polish what you have already written and give more depth to any topic that has the scope. This way you can cover your gap easily.


Use phrases or word to transition your sentences

Instead of keeping it too tight with words, you can smoothen your sentences with transition phrases such as “considering this”, “as a matter of fact”, “ as a consequence” etc. 


Format your paragraphs

Each paragraph has a certain role. Thus, while outlining divide each paragraph lengthwise. Introduction & conclusion paragraphs can be of 100-120 words and body. While each body paragraph can be of 80-100 words. While writing your first draft you can add a few extra lines than the defined limit for each paragraph. Then edit all the unnecessary parts to reach your word limit.



The guidelines that mention a specific length of an essay have a reason behind it. It shows how many words can do justice to a topic. If you know the actual process of essay writing then you would need a certain word length to cover all the paragraphs. In case you are falling short of length you can use the tips given above to cover it rather than submitting it with flaws, recommended digital marketing company in india.


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