Why Is It Important To Learn Noorani Qaida for Kids?

Why Is It Important To Learn Noorani Qaida for Kids?

If you are not an Arab native, then before start learning Quran, you have to learn about the grammar and rules of Arabic. Arabic is a highly rich language with a vast vocabulary. Every word of Arabic has different meanings in different situations. A small mistake in pronouncing the Arabic word can change the meaning of the word. To avoid these mistakes, the learner should have a strong grip on the basic rules to have an accurate pronunciation of each and every Arabic word. Noorani Qaida is the first step of this ladder of accuracy and error-free recitation of the Quran.

A Qaida or Noorani Qaida, or Madani Qaida are basically the guide books to learn Quran. These guide books help the children to learn the basics of Arabic, including Arabic letters, their pronunciation and the way to read them. These guide books contain exercises to learn the Airaab, their uses and pronunciation, as airaab plays a significant role in the correct recitation of the Quran. These Qaidas include short practise exercises on the use of each airaab. These exercises help the children to have a firm grip on the usage of each airaab, which in return will help them to make their recitation more accurate.

Following are the five major WHYs children should learn Noorani Qaida before start learning the Quran:

Noorani Qaida helps children to learn Arabic Alphabets:

Alphabets are one of the necessary elements of every language. If you want to learn a language you must have to learn its alphabets. Because if you don’t know the alphabets of the language you won’t be able to read or write the language. The same is the case with the Arabic language if you don’t know the alphabets of the Arabic language you won’t be able to read Arabic hence not able to read the Quran. That is why the first lesson of Noorani Qaida consists of alphabets of the Arabic language and their pronunciation. This lesson along with letters have short endnotes to explain how to pronounce each letter to make the learning easier for children. So once your child has completed the Noorani Qaida he/she would not face any difficulty in pronouncing these alphabets in future.

Noorani Qaida helps children to learn Arabic rules:

Noorani Qaida has presented the rules for learning the Quran in the easiest and most understandable way for beginners especially for those who just have started learning reading the Quran. it also proves helpful for those who don’t know how to read the Quran properly. It has lessons and small practise exercises for each rule for example if we talk about airaabs it has a practise exercise on each airaab from Zabar, Zeer, Paish to their every variant. These lessons and exercises help the learners to learn the pronunciation of each airaab and also guide them about their makharijs. Moreover, the practise exercises provide the learner with the opportunity to rigorously revise the rule and its application to have a strong grip on it.

Noorani Qaida helps children to learn about Arabic Vowels:

Like English, Arabic also has vowels. These vowels are used to distinguish the articulation of different words. Arabic text without vowels seems like it’s mostly consonants and if you are not Arabic it would be nearly impossible for you to read the text accurately. The reason behind this is that most vowels in Arabic are transcribed as vowing signs and not as independent letters. That is why beginners need to learn these vowing signs to read the Arabic text rightly because without these signs most of the Arabic words will look the same.

There are eight vowels or vowing signs in Arabic named as:

Damma( ُ)


Fatha( َ)


Kasra( ِ)

Ya'( ي)

Sukūn( ْ)

Shadda (or tashdīd) ( ّ)

Keeping in view the importance of these vowing signs Noorani Qaida has lessons designed in a very easy way to make the child understand how to pronounce them. Similarly, there are practise exercises to learn the pronunciations perfectly.

Noorani Qaida helps Children to Pronounce Quranic words:

After basic lessons on learning Arabic alphabets, rules for pronouncing letters and vowels and vowing signs. The first advanced lesson in Noorani Qaida is about how to pronounce Quranic words in these lessons and practises there are different words of Quran written individually for children to read them separately so that they can read the whole verses easily. 

Noorani Qaida helps Children to read Quran:

Learn to read Quran is a whole journey with different milestones and Noorani Qaida helps your children to cover the major milestones from learning alphabets to their pronunciation, from rules to read the words to vowing signs and their pronunciation and reading the Quranic words. Once your child has covered all these milestones he/she would be able to read the Quran rightly.

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