Health Insurance For Returning Canadian Residents

Health insurance for returning Canadian residents, especially in the provinces like Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Yukon typically takes around two to three weeks waiting time before the government actually reactivate health insurance for returning Canadian citizen. But the question still arises, How does health insurance work for a returning Canadian citizen? The basic concept of health insurance for returning citizens is quite similar to that of other countries such as the United States. In other words, health insurance provides health protection as well as coverage for pre-existing conditions which are usually not covered by insurance plans during the national health insurance coverage expirations. This health insurance for returning citizens in other countries also has some differences.

As per the laws of most provinces in Canada, health insurance for returning Canadian must be purchased from an insurance company licensed by the provincial government. While some provinces allow private health insurance companies to sell health plans for their residents, many provinces prohibit insurance companies from selling policies in their territories. There are three main insurance policy plans available to returning citizens of Canada. These include the insured individual plan, the Canadian registered illness and disease plan, and the public medical program.

Most provinces of Canada require a particular period of financial stableness for a policy holder before he or she can obtain a health insurance plan. Usually, financial stability is measured by the number of premium payments received over the last thirty days. This financial stability test is taken after a review of the insurance company’s history and current health insurance business model. Once the insurer has met with the prescribed period of financial stability, then the policyholder can apply for his or her own health policy. At this point, the insured individual plan or the Canadian registered illness and disease plan becomes available for purchase by the policy holder.

The Canadian registered illness and disease plan is one of the most popular plans amongst returning Canadian insurance consumers. This plan offers a wide variety of coverage for both medical and dental services. Canadian registered plans also offer additional coverage such as prescription drugs, hearing aids, vision care, travel insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment benefits. Another popular plan offered by Canadian returning insurance is supplement insurance. This type of insurance plan can provide additional coverage like critical illness benefits, travel insurance, accidental death and dismemberment benefits, critical illness coverage, travel insurance, disability income benefit, and coverage for Employment Insurance.

After a review of the financial situation of the insured individual, the insurance provider can now grant him or her with a health insurance policy. The waiting period Canadian citizens face in acquiring health insurance in the province of Canada varies from one insurance provider to another. It may sometimes take several months before a policy is granted. In addition, there are some insurance companies that require their consumers to wait for more than three months before they are granted a health insurance policy. However, despite the waiting period Canadian citizens still have the chance to acquire their desired health insurance plan.

A large number of health insurance companies in Canada offer their clients a comprehensive array of health insurance plans. Canadian insurance providers usually offer more than twenty different plans. Some of the most popular insurance plans include the privately managed care package, the registered dental plan, the national health program, the national plan, vision insurance, dental insurance, critical illness insurance, and the provincial/territorial health plan. Some of these insurance providers also provide supplementary health services such as counseling and therapy.

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