High Quality Rolling Shutters and their Characteristics

Rolling shutters

One of the most important components of a warehouse or industrial shed dedicated to storage is represented by the shutters which must be of high quality, especially when dealing with particularly delicate and sensitive materials. Rolling shutters are made with the best technology and quality materials that will allow the structure to last over time while always maintaining its functionality even after intensive use.

The shutters for commercial use are made with micro-perforated components, with rectangular, wavy, and safety mesh and closed elements. With the folding shutter, we can close cash lines in a single solution up to 100 meters.

They are built with closed profiles and windproof guides, with elements. Double Wall insulated, with elements in extruded aluminum, with motors and solutions suitable to satisfy every need.

What are the characteristics of the quality Rolling Shutters?

Shutters from one of the best rolling shutters manufacturers are especially suited for high and, in particular, for large warehouses, exposed to heavier weather conditions, such as heavy winds, thanks to their low-space winding technology and resistance material. Wherever the ceiling characteristics make it impossible or even prohibited to apply sliding guidelines, roller shutters are the first option.

They guarantee optimal defense and security. With its very solid dual-skin profiles you can build customized solutions for various forms of fastenings with a versatile frame. Stable and sturdy materials and external mechanical locking elements (e.g. sliding bar or floor locks) guarantee continuous and efficient burglary protection.

The use of modern operating elements increases comfort during the daily opening and closing operations. In case of need, various models of side doors without threshold allow the easy transit of people. With fixed or swiveling side elements, safety and functionality are always in the foreground.

Here are their common functions:

  • Optimal for the loading area
  • Ideal for underground garages
  • Retail premises for shop security
  • Integration according to the architecture
  • Perfect in case of lack of space in the hall
  • As an external gate with armored lining
  • Suitable side door available
  • Even extreme dimensions

The simple, robust, and flexible structure of the damper offers a wide range of applications. Thanks to its high cost-effective, durable, and easy construction, integrated door systems stand out. Shutters from rolling shutters manufacturers are particularly suitable for high and, specifically, large industrial doors exposed to heavy stresses thanks to the winding technique of smaller dimensions and the highly resistance cloth. When high clarity, ventilation, and burglary safety are required, roll-up grilles are used. High-speed doors, for example, forklifts, allow quick passage and reduce power consumption. The armor may also be made of single or double wall profiles; it is also known as armor sheets.

The rolling shutters have a basic construction without hinges, as they are directly embedded into each other. For instance, a modern shutter profile consists of galvanized steel and PU foam filled. High flexibility and abrasion resistance are the profiles of these shutters. The special geometry of the profiles ensures the rolling shutter has a reduced angular diameter and, thus, minimal lintel load.

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