Which Are The Most Popular BMW Cars in UAE

Which Are The Most Popular BMW Cars in UAE

Dubai is known for its top class collection of cars and is the paradise of most luxurious cars. If you are a foreigner or resident of Dubai, you have to have your own automobile. Because you can travel on buses and trains on a daily basis for exploring business opportunities. In Dubai, most of the people are entrepreneurs and they have a special place of cars in their hearts. They are car geeks so they always look for new and luxurious cars. As per the survey, the people of Dubai like to change their vehicle after every 3 years. So that is why the selling and buying business of cars in Dubai is always on its peak and never goes out of fashion. BMW is the most popular brand in UAE, people feel comfortable, secure and safe in BMW SUVs. BMW has launched one of the most popular and high quality SUVs along with modern technology.

The first car that was produced by BMW was Dixi. BMW produces few aircraft engines and motorcycles as well. But after World War I, it totally became the producer of luxury cars only. BMW cars are full of possibilities and it provides the means as well to explore them. It is perfect for those who interpret driving as a passion and their thirst for driving never fill up. BMW cars are the most luxurious car brand and it is used by higher authorities like prime ministers and rulers.

BMW cars not only include high-class luxurious cars but also sports cars as well. BMW is famous among young blood and BMW cars are created with modern technologies and speed standards. If you love to go on adventurous places and desert safari, then an SUV is the best option to choose. People in Dubai mostly prefer SUVs as they are fuel efficient, provide smooth driving, you can maneuver wherever you want to go, SUV is your best driving partner. The X series and M3 are the most popular models of BMW in UAE.

The X Series

The X series is the high performance version. BMW X series is the competitor of Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe. The car is a compact SUV and when you sit on the driving seat, you feel the comfort and high agility and powerful speed on the roads of UAE. X series offer the most powerful engine.


The BMW M3 series is combined with powerful proportions and distinctive four door design. The engine is equipped with a high performance BMW Twin Power Turbo charged. M3 series is a combination of rear wheel drive and optimally incremented manual. The sedan has attractive designs, and sophisticated shape. It is a mix of sportiness, efficiency and convenient everyday utility vehicle. It’s a pure sports sedan which offers outstanding driving characteristics. It’s dynamic visually and technically.

Currently, BMW has 32 models with 56 versions in UAE. The cheapest BMW is the BMW 1 Series at a price point of AED 98,000, the most expensive BMW is the BMW i8 Roadster at AED 890,000. But the list of BMW models goes on as it includes, 9 Coupe, 7 Crossover, 5 Convertible, 4 Hatchback, 2 Sedan, 1 Convertible and 1 SUV currently in UAE. So you have wide-spectrum of BMW models to choose and get the perfect driving delight on the roads of UAE.

So, it doesn’t matter which BMW model you own, the thing that matters the most is how you take care of it and pay attention to it when it comes to regular maintenance and restoration. When you invest a huge amount on your four-wheel-drive, you won’t settle for anything ordinary. Your highly luxurious car needs luxurious and high-quality repair and maintenance service to strengthen the life of your car. so if you are living in Abu Dhabi then Quick Fit Auto Center is the best BMW workshop in Abu Dhabi to choose, it’s the leading and trustable BMW repair and maintenance workshop in Abu Dhabi. We have advanced technology and ultra-modern tools and equipment, latest techniques and approaches to repair and maintain your BMW.

We have experienced and professional staff members to diagnose your car and we are a one-stop solution for all your car’s repair and maintenance needs. Never risk the life of your car by taking it to a simple mechanic, always opt for the best option for your high investment. We promise to provide you unmatched repair and maintenance solutions for your BMW. So whenever you feel that your BMW needs some assistance or little bit of tune-ups, then stop by our BMW workshop. We will give equal attention to all BMWs that visit our workshop. Our team will welcome you wholeheartedly and give you top-class BMW repair and maintenance solutions at competitive prices. So what are you waiting for? Call us now.

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