9 Eye-Popping Findings on How People Today View Websites

Do you love surfing the Internet, and checking out the various websites? Well, in general, those who browse a website often want 3 things from it – easy navigation, attractive design and relevant content And with the COVID-19 pandemic putting the whole world into quarantine mode, more and more people are going online to shop for groceries, attend classes, go to work and do everything else. But, just how do people view websites today? Well, we asked a couple of research groups to provide us with eye-opening data on just how folks today view websites.


1st Impressions Usually Form in Less Than 1 Second

According to eye-tracking research conducted by the Missouri University of Science and Technology in the United States, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for viewers to form a first impression about a website! Now, is this truly shocking (or shall I say surprising?) website design Brisbane trend!


The Missouri university researchers found that their study participants spent around 2.6 seconds scanning or analyzing a website before zeroing in or focusing on a particular section. They also spent an average of 180 milliseconds fixating on one particular section or segment before they move on to another website.


Viewers also spent 6.48 seconds looking at the website’s logo before moving on, and spent an average of 6.44 seconds viewing the main navigation menu. They also spent 5.59 seconds on the website’s written content, 5.94 seconds on the site’s main image, and 5.95 seconds viewing the social networking links.


Dominant Headlines Draw the Eye of Site Visitors

The Missouri university study also found out that major headlines often draw the eye, or interest, of a website’s visitors upon entering the page. However, site users set their sights on the page’s main headline more if it’s located on the upper left corner of the webpage.


So, if a website has multiple headlines on its main page, then the headlines on the upper left corner get the immediate attention of site visitors. In general, most web users scan a list of headlines, but they do not view all of them. However, if the first words do engage or entice them, then they’re likely to read on! When it comes to the number of seconds spent watching the headline, the average site visitor spends less than a second watching it!


Consumers Spent More Time Looking at Apple Products Over Android Devices

This finding should surprise both website design Brisbane analysts as well as Android device makers, because a study done by EyeTrackShop has found out that when consumers look at photos of smart phones online, they spend more time looking at Apple devices and products rather than on Android devices like Samsung, Motorola other manufacturers!


In fact, the iPhone got the greatest amount of attention from online consumers, with each of them spending 2.3 seconds watching the Apple device. And among tablets, the iPad got into a virtual tie with Amazon Kindle Fire, and consumers spent 2.4 seconds viewing both of them!


Large, High-Quality Images Appeal Most to Online Viewers

Image quality is also a major factor in drawing attention online. In fact, the use of large, crisp and high-quality images appeal the most to website visitors. So, throw out the dull, lifeless stock photos and make use of large, crisp, high-quality and original photos in your website design Brisbane process!


The Webpage’s Left Side Draws More Attention than the Right

In general, most folks read from the left to the right (With a couple of exceptions though). Internet users also spend around 80% of their time viewing the left half of the webpage, while only 20% viewed the right half. Perhaps this explains why e-commerce websites like eBay default to a left-hand menu for their shoppers!


Most People Spend More Time Scrolling Above the Fold

While the average online user does scroll, they don’t spend as much time scrolling below the fold, as they do above the fold!  Thus, website design Brisbane experts suggest that the above-the-fold area should contain the site’s main value proposition, although you need not pack everything in there!


Nevertheless, scrolling still provides better usability, instead of just cutting or slicing up lengthy content into several small pages. The website however must be able to guide its visitors to scroll down. Interestingly, the very bottom of the webpage actually gets a lot of attention from online users too. Thus, it should be a great place for putting call to action words and buttons.


Most Folks Don’t Look Past the First Search Results

Believe it or not but most people who surf the Internet do not look past the first search results. According to a study conducted by Google, most online users got what they wanted from the first two search results. Well, that is exactly what search engines like Google want, because the perfect search engine gives users exactly what they need with the very first result. So, if your website is not among the top two or three results, then it’s losing out on a lot of customers!


More Visible Introductory Paragraphs Gain More Attention

In another study on website design Brisbane analytics and consumer behavior, it was noted that visibly larger introductory paragraphs gain more attention from site visitors. Thus, veteran web designers suggest that you make introductory paragraphs in a large font size, or if not in boldface.


Just make sure you keep the paragraph line lengths short, and preferably in a single column, because that’s how most online visitors are used to reading text.


Online Users Read in F Patterns

A 2008 study has noted that most online users or visitors don’t read but they scan instead. The study also found that only 28% of the text on a website is read, and most folks online read in F patterns!


So, make sure your main message or proposition is on top of the webpage, and your menu should be left-vertical or top-horizontal! Well, if you don’t how to do this then don’t fret, because all you need to do is work with a seasoned web designer to get the perfect website for your target market!

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