Path of Exile: Guide for Newbies

A free to play dark online RPG game, its story takes place in the fantasy universe of Wraeclast. Discover the guide to get you started on the right foot.

If you are new to this RPG, you will find that its fundamentals of the game are: a strong poe items economy between players, very advanced class customization, competitive PvP and ranked races.

Are you hesitating? Rest assured, the game is suitable for everyone, both novices and seasoned players. This guide will help all you newbies.

Now that you find yourself hopelessly abandoned on the shores of Wraeclast, you will need to gather your wits. In the Path of Exile, players quickly discover that they will have to adopt a “kill-or-be-killed” mentality if they are to have any chance of surviving in the game. On the other hand, for newbies, be careful if you want to progress unabashedly towards the path to glory. Path of Exile is a ruthless game that leaves no room for recklessness. That being said, knowing a few tricks can help you survive as long as possible in these gruesome, monster-infested lands. By mixing organization and acquired skills, you’ll be ready to play for hours.

Put on your helmet, pay attention and take some notes. The Path of Exile 101 is about to begin.


The first step is to choose a character that you like while thinking about which one respects the way you play the most because obviously, you want the best looking character, but you also want to play the way you want. In the middle of the fight, do you prefer chopping and slashing where the action is at its height, or do you prefer to throw devastating projectiles from a distance? Do you prefer to be brutal and strong or think? Take these things into account before you rush headlong into the carnage.

There are seven characters you can choose from, and each character possesses attributes like strength, dexterity or intelligence. Some characters rely solely on one attribute, while others combine various attributes to complement your playing style.

The next step is to learn the flaws of your chosen character, merge your weapons with the right orbs from the Path of Exile, and build a passive skill tree that’s conducive to the style of game you want to use.


Now that you have chosen your character, you will need to choose a league that best suits your needs and skill level. These leagues embody the game worlds where your character will exist. Take into account that these characters can be part of only one league at a time, which also means that you can interact with players from the same league as you.

Leagues in the game are divided into two: permanent and temporary. Permanent leagues are further divided into Standard and Hardcore leagues. Temporary leagues, where the death of characters has more consequences; if you die in the Hardcore league, you will be moved to the Standard league.

Generally, the standard league is the perfect place for newcomers to practice. The Hardcore League is less popular, so it is more difficult to play with other people and find exiles to trade with.


It is the aspect of the character that gives all the dynamism of PoE. The ability to customize the characters and its effect on the passive skill tree makes the game more exciting. You evolve your character so that he can hit monsters in the back. Your starting point in the passive skill tree depends on your choice of character. Next, you will acquire the skills necessary to survive.

The tree can look pretty impressive at first glance, so let’s keep it simple. As you work clockwise from the top of the tree, you will see the starting points for the Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Duelist, Marauder, and Templar. The character who has all the attributes can be found in the middle of the passive skill tree – a position that makes you want to go. Every location on the tree is strewn with passive skills that match the type of character you’re starting out with. This means that you can work to increase your character’s strength while also trying to improve your other skills by covering your weaknesses.

You must learn to crawl before you stand up. Remember this before you dive headlong into PoE. With all that you have learned here, you will experience the game to its fullest. With a little research, a dose of practice and grain of strategy, even a novice player can level up quickly. Remember these tips to have the most fun on Wraeclast. Now that you are ready, you can press the left button of your mouse.

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