How much do you get for gift cards in Nigeria?

Have you been given a gift card that you don’t want or won’t use? Instead of trying to pass them onto a friend or find some other way to get your money back, you can now sell unwanted gift cards for cash in Nigeria. Through websites like GC Buying, you can easily handle the sale online or through WhatsApp, and get cash in return.


But how much can you get for those gift cards?

Rate Calculator

The rates for different gift cards will vary, depending on the brand and the current demand for cards like this. To find out an accurate rate, use the rate calculator at GC Buying. Consistently popular options that tend to deliver the best rates include gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, and eBay.


To find out what you will get in exchange, just select the card you have from the dropdown menu, and enter how much the gift card is for.


At GC Buying, there are lots of frequent buyers who are ready and waiting to purchase gift cards from Google Play, Sephora, and many other retailers. After calculating the rate, you can contact these buyers very easily, and sell your gift cards with no delay. As well as a fast sale, you are guaranteed to get good money for your gift cards, making this the best and easiest way to sell gift cards in Nigeria.


GC Buying always offers very good rates against the gift cards that you want to sell. You won’t find better or fairer rates anywhere on the internet, so take advantage of the best prices. Sign up now and become a seller straight away. GC Buying always has someone ready to buy your gift cards at very good prices.

How Does It Work?

The way that selling gift cards through platforms like GC Buying is very straightforward. Create an account on the website, or by making contact through WhatsApp. Once you have an account, list the details of the gift cards that you have to sell. Once you have finished listing all of your items, you can sell your gift cards in Nigeria for cash, quickly and easily.


The platform at GC Buying will let you sell all kinds of different gift cards, including cards for vendors like Amazon, Google, iTunes, and many more. GC Buying accepts all cards and is set up to exchange any kind of gift card for cash.

Why Use GC Buying?

Why should you use GC Buying to trade your unwanted gift cards?

  • Round the clock service. You can convert your gift card into cash at any time of the day or night.
  • GC Buying takes the convenience of the services offered very seriously. It’s one of the best places to sell gift cards in Nigeria.
  • Rapid payouts. After you have sold your gift cards, you can expect payment to reach your bank account in a matter of minutes.
  • Buy and sell in one place. You can find great prices and big discounts on whatever card you want to buy or sell.
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