Things You Should Know About SEO Agency, SEO Freelancer Or Full Time Staff

Best SEO agency Dubai

More and more companies decide to invest in professional SEO services in order to improve the online positioning of their websites.

In this article we want to delve into these concepts: Best SEO agency Dubai, SEO freelance and in-house SEO , in order to help you decide which service is the most convenient for your business.

Let’s Start by Defining Each of Them

Best SEO Agency Dubai

An  SEO Agency is an organization made up of a team of experts working on the  organic positioning of a website  in order to  improve its ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) .

There are some agencies dedicated exclusively to SEO, but the most common are the so-called digital agencies , which offer (in addition to SEO) other services such as web development and online Marketing , and have teams of experts specialized in their different departments: developers. web , SEO experts , SEM , experts in Social Networks , content writing , etc. Parallel to web design and development , digital agencies are dedicated to Inbound Marketing and have specialized teams in all the strategies of the Inbound methodology, including SEO.

Best SEO agency Dubai

Freelance SEO

A Freelance SEO consultant  works independently. The SEO Freelance must have extensive knowledge in terms of SEO web positioning so they can offer consulting services to those who request it.

The methods or strategies that the freelance SEO implements on your website have (in the same way as Best SEO agency Dubai) the purpose of enhancing the visibility of your online business in the results of the different search engines, increasing web traffic, and converting more visits into possible sales.

Hiring Full Time SEO Staff

Another possible way to improve the visibility of your website is by hiring an full time SEO staff within your Marketing department.

This can be a very suitable option for large businesses that already have a Marketing department with members specialized in the different functions and types of Marketing. Social networks, lead generation , etc. In this case, we strongly recommend investing in one more member dedicated to SEO, as it is an essential element.

If your business does not have a multidisciplinary Marketing team , we recommend outsourcing to social media agency Dubai, since the costs of hiring one more worker may be higher than those of outsourcing the service.

Main Differences Between SEO Agency and Freelancer

Any SEO expert, be it an SEO agency or a freelancer, must have enough previous experience based on previous projects to be able to offer you guarantees and earn your trust.

  • The differences between SEO agency and freelance are not limited exclusively to price . Although it is true, that in many cases, SEO agencies have a higher cost. Depending on the size of the company, the client cannot afford the monthly fee of an SEO agency and, for this reason, ends up hiring the SEO services of a freelancer. The ways of providing services of a teleworking freelancer, for example, allow the individual entrepreneur to reduce costs, which results in being able to offer more competitive prices.
  • SEO agencies can take on higher workflows. SEO agencies often work for relevant clients and larger companies . The largest companies and large available budgets do not usually hire the services of a freelancer due to their large volume of business, so they prefer to hire the SEO services of a larger specialized entity.
  • The SEO agency team is usually made up of more people , which means that the SEO process is always covered and under no circumstances is it affected by leave or vacations. In addition, thanks to having more equipment, it provides greater capacity at times of higher work peaks.
  • The Best SEO Agency Dubai has a multidisciplinary team : Digital agencies have other departments in addition to SEO, which can directly influence positioning, such as the Department of Social Networks, UX Usability , WPO , social networks, content writing , etc. This allows the SEO agency to apply a more effective Inbound Marketing strategy .
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