Important Things to Know Before Selecting a Sign Repair Company

Your business depends on signage. It may be the main sign above your entrance or the LED advertisements in your windows – signs are used to tell people passing by important information about your company, such as when you are open, what you are selling and so on. These LED signs use electricity and bulbs, and sometimes, like everything, they will stop working. When this is the case, you will want to hire a professional to come and sort them out.

However, how do you choose the right sign repair company, and what should you know before choosing one? Let’s take a look.

The company reputation

When looking at sign repair firms, make sure to look at their previous work and the types of clients they work with. Do they work with other businesses in the same field? Do you recognize any of the other people they have worked with? The status of the clients they have previously carried out sign repairs for says a great deal about them and the quality of their work. Do not be afraid to ask around to see what their general reputation is and check on social media and review websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews to see what people are saying. If you have been searching for ‘sign repair near me’, go and take a look at some of the work of local businesses and ask who did their signage.

The level of customer service they offer

When dealing with a sign repair company, or any contractor for that matter, one of the first things you must look for is good customer service. Are they fast to respond to your initial inquiry? When you call to ask questions, do the staff seem like they genuinely want to help you? It is not always until you actually hire a sign repair service that you get the true scope of their customer service, but there can be some telltale signs in those early interactions.

What are their limitations and capabilities?

Not all sign repair companies are created equal. Some can do things that others can’t, others are better at particular things. You need to do your research further than looking for a sign repair near me, and check they can actually do what you need them to do. Some may not be able to work at height or remove signs that are particularly big or heavy. Some will not repair signs that they have not fitted themselves. These are all questions that you need to ask your sign repair company before agreeing to any work.

How much is it going to cost?

This final point is one of the most crucial. For your sign repair project, you should get at least a couple of quotes from reputable companies. Going to one company for a quote is a viable choice once you have built a rapport with them and know you can trust them to give you a reasonable price but when it comes to initially choosing one, make sure that you shop around.

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