7 Different Ways to Straight Eyelashes

There are a lot of ways that you can straight your eyelashes. Strengthen the eyelashes is very common among women. Thes best part is that you just need to spend 5 to 6 minutes.

After that, you will be getting a good result. If you think that the ways you follow are not good and irritates you when you in opening and closing your eyes. Then, you do not need to worry about that.

In this article, we will be talking about different ways that could help you to get beautiful and good-looking straight eyelashes.

01.Clean and Prepare Your Lashes:
Here is the first step that you start for straightening the eyelashes. Take a soft tiny brush that should soft so that it will prevent you from damaging the eyes. Start cleaning your eyes gently.

A question arrives that why we need to clean our eyes why don’t we just directly apply the glue directly. Here is the answer, basically in the daily routine when we go outside the house. A lot of dust particles spread everywhere.

When we clean the eyelashes all the dust particles remove which helps us to apply the curler without any problem. One most important thing that you need to keep in mind, it is not necessary that you use a brush to clean your eyelashes.

You can grab a cotton cloth for this. In fact, some people prefer to use a cotton cloth because it gives a better result as compare to a brush.

Moreover, the brush is also very helpful for alining the lashes. Mostly, while sleeping our lashes get stuck with each other. By using a brush, the lashes separate from each other and now it is easy to continue the next step.

02. Application of a Liner
Now what you need to do is, apply the eyeliner that is included in the second step. We do this because when complete the cleaning of the eyelashes, it is required to make a border under the eyelashes.

The eyeliner border helps a person to determine from where she has to start working on the next step. That is why we use eyeliner to make a borderline under the eyelashes.

So, how we do that is tight line your lashes. Hold your lashes up and apply the eyeliner under the border of your lashes and leave them for up to 10 seconds.

03. Prime You lashes
Now the third step is to prime your lashes. Take a primer and apply it to your eyes gently. It also helps a user to separate the lashes so that he can apply the glue easily. A lot of people ask the experts that they feel the problem of stuckness, before the application of glue.

When the experts search out for the symptoms they find that the people do not use a primer brush for separating the lashes. So it is very important for you to use a primer brush before applying glue.

04. Application of Glue
Now here comes the application of glue. The application of glue is very important if you want to straighten your eyelashes. If you are thinking that why it is so important then here is the answer.

A glue helps you to straighten your curls and also helps to put an artificial eyelash on your lashes. What you need to do is that you have to apply the glue gently on your lashes. The application has to be done under the lash.

Tight you lash up and hold them. Then apply the glue on your lashes. After the application of the glue, you need to leave it for at least 1 min.

05. Mascara Application
Here comes the women’s favorite part. Now you need to apply mascara. After the application of glue what you need to do is that you need to apply mascara gently. Start the application of mascara near to the root of your lashes.

06. Application of Eyelashes Color
After mascara, you need to apply the color that will be enhancing the beauty of your lashes. We prefer you to grab a black color.

07. Apply Brush to Straight Your Lashes
Now here comes the last part, apply a brush to push your lashes up so that your lashes become straight.

The verdicts are that there are a lot of ways that you can straight your eyelashes. Strengthen the eyelashes is very common among women. We make this guide that teaches you methods of how you can straight your eyelashes.

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