6 super features of customized edible packaging that make everyone love it!

edible packaging

Food has always been important for us. It serves us on various occasions adding more flavors to it. If we talk about food lovers, they want to enjoy premium quality food every time. However, combined with the food quality, the packaging also matters significantly. You might have seen different types of food packed attractively in edible boxes to retain their quality for a long. The packaging gives a compatible look and can store your delicious food items without spoiling their taste and freshness. In addition to it, edible packaging offers a lot more benefits to the owner of the food chain. If you want to get information and details about the food item or its manufacturer, the packaging is a good way to address your concern. It makes your food brand stand out from the crowd, making it more appealing for the foodies. It may even generate a positive word of mouth by creating a positive impact on your product’s success. Thus, these super features have made everyone feel in love with edible packaging. Let us discuss some points in detail:

Brand Recognition:

There was a time when packaging was solely used for product protection, but now edible boxes provide multiple advantages to businesses. They are used to make your brand more recognizable to the target audience. There is much difference between the food packed in a branded food box or the one presented in dull brown packaging. Even if they taste the same, the customers perceive their quality differently. To reflect yourself as a high-quality brand, you need to print custom edible boxes with your names, logo, tagline, or any interesting message for the customers. Such printed packaging acts as a perfect advertisement tool, making customers know more about your food brand.

Color and Design Impact:

Edible boxes are manufactured from Kraft paper, paperboard, or cardboard sheets; this makes them perfect for several design and printing options. It is one of the biggest advantages, the material can provide to design your custom edible packaging. Printing is essential to create more recognition for your brand. It’s your choice which printing technique you choose from the offset, screen, or digital printing. All of them produce amazing results. Use color pallets like CMYK, PMS, or RGB to produce amazing combinations. It is recommended to take help from printing and design experts to make your edible packaging more attractive. Applying special lamination effects is another important feature every manufacturer looks for. It is a process to apply a thin plastic layer onto your packaging surface to create a good resistance against water, heat, contamination, or wear and tear. Such lamination also adds an extra shine to your custom edible boxes. Multiple options available in the market include gloss, matte, aqueous coating, UV coating, embossing, debossing and metallic foiling, etc. Such lamination and finishing effects are ideal to enhance the display of your custom edible packaging.

Versatile Range of Styles:

A wide variety of styles are available when it comes to edible food packaging. As every product is unique and has a different packaging requirement, therefore a unique solution is needed accordingly. It plays an important role in attracting customers and increasing your business sales. The assortment includes traditional brown or colored Kraft boxes, microwaveable friendly boxes, gable boxes, sleeves, closing flap boxes, and window boxes, etc. Design them with inserts, handles or die-cuts, or other interesting options to enhance the display of your food items. Let us take a few examples from our everyday life. You might have seen bakery products packed frequently in tuck end boxes or gable boxes. Similarly, the use of laminated plastic coating is often used to design edible packaging for frozen products. The food items that are very tempting in the display are often presented in a window or die-cut boxes to make them more scrumptious for the consumers. Thus there are a variety of options available across the retail packaging sector. You can choose the one that will suit your requirement.

A Packaging that Communicates:

Your edible packaging does much more than telling people where the food came from. It can also communicate your branding message to the target audience. Remember that your packaging boxes should be an extension of your brand. They should communicate all the necessary things that the customers are in search of. Design them in a way that no opportunity is missed to educate the general public. Let us take the example of this beautifully designed edible packaging for Pringles. The product comes in an elongated cardboard tube to stack the crisps easily without smashing. These packages are designed in various colors to differentiate the flavors. Each of them contains the image of a particular basic ingredient to give customers a true essence of which flavor they are going to enjoy inside. Thus, the Pringles crisp company is a good example of a company that has matched its food product perfectly with the containers that package it. The design is highly appealing, engaging, and communicates your brand values well.

Increases Environmental Awareness:

Once you have decided which type of packaging material best fits your need, you can prioritize eco-friendly disposal to increase environmental awareness. As your edible packaging will interact with hundreds of people, it’s a big missed opportunity if it is not branded or well-designed. According to the opinion of experts, the packaging is the physical representation of brand personality. Therefore, if you list yourself as an eco-friendly brand but your packaging is unable to depict this fact, it might not grasp the customer’s attention more. Therefore design your packaging in a way that represents your eco-friendly concern. Never forget to print a recycling symbol. The biggest example for us is McDonald’s Kraft paper bag. It does not only increase your subsequent craving for McDonald’s but also depicts how conscious the brand is towards environmental sustainability.

Atmosphere Resistant Quality:

The best part of these edible boxes is their ability to resist atmospheric changes. Every food product needs good protection against heat, moisture, germs, dust, and other climatic effects.

Such atmospheric resistant quality of edible packaging makes everyone fell in love with it.  Moreover, these customized food boxes are approved by FDA which means that they are good enough to package your food directly.

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