The essentials of your wardrobe for going to work

  Wardrobe basics are essential to your personal and conscious style . Within this category of clothing, certain pieces are unmissable for your days spent at the office . They are timeless pieces, which can be easily combined with each other and which allow you both to create a sober and confident style . To do this, you can pair them with the right shoes and the right accessories . Sprinkle with one or the other strong pieces and it’s won! You of course keep the freedom to choose the colors that match your style as well as the variations that make you happy. Example: the white t-shirt can turn into a striped stripe if you prefer blue and white lines to pristine white. Allows you to compose a multitude of outfits, from the most chic to the most casual . Depending on your mood of the day, depending on your company’s dress code or depending on the season. If you don’t see each piece well, don’t hesitate to type the keyword in the search bar of the Pinterest tool.

The ultimate secret to having style at work

Mismatch your outfits and go beyond the full suit! In other words, do not stay in coordinated sets without surprises but rather play on the mixtures : a t-shirt with tailored pants; a t-shirt with a pencil skirt; a loose, low-cut blouse with jeans; a pair of sneakers with a skirt,… You get the idea? The t-shirt, if it is beautifully made in 100% cotton, will soften a pantsuit or a strict skirt. I can’t repeat it enough: it’s by mixing genres that we create style
  1. Raw jeans + fluid blouse + jacket + pumps or low boots
  2. Wide pants + mesh sweater + coat + pumps
  3. Wrap paisley bikini dress + jacket + pant + espadrilles or sneakers
  4. Pencil skirt + t-shirt or blouse + trench coat + pumps
  5. Cigarette pants + t-shirt + jacket + sneakers or pumps

Tip number 1 to have style :

you can add your signature jewel . A beautiful pair of earrings, small finger rings, a pretty bib necklace, a cuff. Your creativity will speak here!

Tip number 2 :

slip a clutch bag in your purse . It will be useful if you have an activity in the evening and you do not return home before it. The clutch will give an elegant style to your evening outfit. You are now equipped to no longer mess with your professional outfits . I hope this article on how to dress well for style inspires you and makes you want to raise awareness of your style for work . Remember it’s in the action that you will manage to find your style and to boost it. Start composing your outfits mindfully today with these tips. Write down your feelings every day. And you, have you found your style for going to the office? What are your favorite outfits? Do not hesitate to leave me a comment at the bottom of the article. It will be inspiring for other readers. And as always, I love interacting with you. How to dress when you are round to forget your complexes? Key concepts of dress style can help you find the personal style that will make you shine. They are seven in number for me . I suggest you review them to get a better idea of ​​how to approach them.

Know your body type perfectly

I cannot say it enough, knowing your figure is the first key to improving your style . Consciously knowing that you have an O-silhouette will allow you to move forward and use the tools available to you to shine a light on yourself . Having an O -shape means that  you have shapes spread all over your body and that your waist is not very marked . Your feminine forms are your assets. The important thing will be not to hide behind clothes that are too loose and too wide as I told you at the beginning of the article. Rather, it will be about highlighting your curves and balancing your top and bottom . As well as marking your size to have the right proportions and make you feminine.
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