Vintage Bridal Jewelry: Charm everyone on your special day being a vintage bride

Whether you choose to wear simple or make a stunning statement on your wedding day, the jewelry you select to wear on the day reflects your persona and style for years to come. A wedding is unarguably the most important event in a girl’s life. You have waited for a long for this special occasion and now that it is happening, you would certainly want to look stunning and special. From the style and design of your bridal costume to your looks and the jewelry you wear, all have to be special.

Out of everything that you adorn on your special day, jewelry is one thing that is the most fascinating and talked-about element of a bride on her wedding day. And this is what makes Vintage Bridal Jewelry so sought-after jewelry for any girl’s special day.


Vintage jewelry does have a special appeal and if you are aware of its different types, you will be in a better position to select the right ones for yourself.

Vintage jewelry is the one that comes from the period starting from the early 19th century till the early 20th century. Jewelry made in the ’40s and 50′ is not counted as vintage, as they are very similar to the ones that are available in the stores today. Jewelry from the Victorian Era and little extended until the Edwardian Era is the most sought-after vintage jewelry with brides.


Here are some great choices of Vintage Bridal Jewelry that you should try for your special day:


Vintage Diamond Rings: Rings act as final touches to the entire bridal look and need to complement all other jewelry that you are wearing on the day. Go for something like the Solid Gold Blue Topaz Diamond Cocktail Ring or the Gold Created Sapphire Cluster Ring for a complete vintage ring.


Vintage Art Deco Jewelry: There has been no other era that has ever continued to resonate throughout history so emphatically as the Art Deco era. The art deco jewelry, created in the past was purely original and still commands very high prices today. There have been several eras throughout history, but only a few have influenced the world so much like Art Deco.


Vintage Gemstone Jewelry: You have everything by your side on your special day – the man, the dress, the location and now make it special with an Estate Vintage & Antique rings on your fingers. You may always find vintage bridal jewelry made of all sorts of metals. Gold is the favorite always, but silver is also very attractive. Silver also tends to be very affordable when compared to gold but nothing can beat the beauty and charm of Vintage Gemstone Bridal Jewelries.


Vintage jewelry is unique in its designs, setting styles, craftsmanship, and gem cut style, which cannot be found in today’s times. Many jewelers had their jewel manufactured with certain logos/symbols/initials or engraving that act as an identification mark for them.

Classic vintage jewelry will never go out of style and never will, so it’s time to pick up some vintage pieces dull in sheen, but reflecting the old-world charm.

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