4 Ways to Enhance Productivity in a Remote Working Environment

Remote working has now become the new norm. The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced us to the remote working model. Though the IT industry has benefited from the model for quite some time now, many of us recently came to know about it. This was why the IT industry was able to adapt to it so quickly and mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

But many businesses saw remote working to be a blessing in disguise for them. Since most of them were struggling in these challenging times, remote working was just the thing they needed. It saved them from expenses such as rent, utility bills, and many more.

And in the long run, companies now realize the potential remote working has in the long run. They can significantly cut back on their costs and hire remote resources from anywhere in the world. These are just a few catches of having a remote team. However, remote working can be a bit stressful for many employees.

Staff is more productive when they work outside of the conventional office setting, as per a study by the United Nations International Labor Organization. However, they are more prone to working long hours and face work-home interruptions and disturbances. Furthermore, there are only a few occasions when they experience a rise in anxiety and tension.

Nevertheless, staying productive is a challenge when it comes to remote working. But to help you out with it, you can follow these four tips to enhance your productivity.

1. Set A Proper Schedule 

When it comes to remote working, you will find many people working around the clock. They end up spending more time working than they would do while working in an office. And this is something that an employer needs to discourage.

People should be able to have a proper work-life balance. It should be the same as when they are working from an office. So, encourage your employees to work for a rigid schedule. Though remote working does offer them the flexibility to choose their working hours, maintaining a balance is essential.

To be a successful remote working team, you must ensure that all team members don’t work more than the set time. For your employees, extra work more than a set number of hours will result in tiredness and stress. As a result, it would lead to a fall in productivity of your remote employees.

Having a proper schedule would also have a significant effect on your health. You will be setting and following a routine that would ensure you get adequate rest and sleep. Moreover, you can spend time with your family if you have a proper schedule that you can follow.

2. Set Up a Working Space

Most people tend to work in the same place where they are living. They usually set up their workstation in their living room or their bedrooms. It is something that kills productivity leading to procrastination. Your workspace should be completely separate from your living space.

It could be a tone-setter when you start your day. If you are working in the same space where you woke up or had your breakfast, you would likely be feeling relaxed and comfortable in that particular area. And that feeling would prevent you from working properly. You would be in the mood to relax as you were doing in that area before starting work.

Therefore, it is vital to leave that particular spot and go to a separate workstation. It will help you concentrate and focus on your work. Furthermore, it would enable you to leave your workstation after you are done with your work as we said in the previous point that maintaining a work-life balance is very important. And by having a separate workplace, you can easily do that.

As soon as you have completed all of your tasks, you can walk away from your workstation. You don’t have to worry about your email or any other things. It will help you segregate your working space and your working space, enabling you to maintain a perfect work-life balance.

3. Try to Avoid Any Distractions and Disruptions

Though there are distractions in an office as well, distractions at home are much different. While in an office, you might get stuck in a conversation at home; there are other factors that you need to consider when working remotely. You might see yourself answering doorbells and giving company to any visitors. Or you might be simply facing distractions from your kids or pets.

All of this would impact your work and would eventually lead to a fall in your productivity level. So, it is vital to eliminate or reduce such disruptions and disruptions as much as possible. And the best way to do it is by setting a separate workspace.

While you are working in your separate workspace, put out a don’t disturb sign to make sure no one bothers you. Also, avoid using your phone and turn it off or keep it silent to annoy and distract you.

Moreover, tell your kids that you are working and ask them not to bother you. Since most schools are shut down due to the pandemic, children are in their homes. So, you would want them to understand that you are working and should not be disturbed while you are working.

4. Communicate with Your Coworkers

Even though you are working remotely, it does not mean that you don’t talk and gossip with your coworkers. Communication plays an essential role in ensuring the success of your teamwork. Also, it can be a great way to motivate yourself and enhance your productivity.

A small conversation at a water cooler can be a real mood lifter. It can help you get through your day. Though you don’t have that facility while working remotely, you can always chat and connect with your coworkers. It will help you stay motivated and get you through the day in no time.

Final Words

Remote working is something that has tremendous potential. It can be a game-changer for most of the business if they can implement it correctly. However, it can be a disaster if you don’t prepare and equip your team with the right tools and resources.

Nevertheless, in the current situation, one thing can be for sure that remote working is here to stay. As the world is still battling with it, we would be working remotely for some time now. So, instead of waiting for things to go back to normal, let’s embrace the new model and make the most out of it.

With the feasibility of hiring remote resources from anywhere globally, you can assemble the best team for your project. And that too at a much lower cost which will give you a competitive edge over others.

And if you ask your employees, they would be more than happy to work remotely. All in all, it would be an excellent experience for you and your team, resulting in a win-win situation.

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