Next level cake designs on the birthday occasion of your girlfriend

Your days have become refreshing and a night super soothing since the day lady luck has turned in your favor. Her hearty talks, loving smiles and amazing gestures create jitters in your heart and twinkle in your eyes the moment you hear her name or whenever she is around. Each and every day of your life is full of happiness and good vibes. She is not just a source of inspiration for you who supports you in every odd situation of life, but also celebrates every success for yours. Your girlfriend is the most loving person in your life. So, don’t you think it’s your utmost duty to make her feel special on her birthday? What can be the better option than a mouth watering cake to satiate her sweet tooth!

Ditch the traditional designed cakes; here we bring the best cake designs to impress your girlfriend on her birthday. Here we go:

  1. Cosmetic theme cake: So, if your girlfriend is obsessed with cosmetic items, then surprising her with cosmetic theme cake is the best choice. She would be astonished to see the icing of the cake with fascinating things which she loves the most. The lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and many more on the top of the cake looking so real would blow her mind away. Moment she looks at it, she will embrace you with cuddles and hugs, making you feel delightful and jubilant. She will enjoy snapping out this lovely cake and uploading them on Facebook cover page, WhatsApp status or Instagram story to steal the limelight and get bombarded with some amazing compliments.


  1. Star shaped cake: Your girl has brightened up your World with her mesmerizing presence. So why not make her feel valuable by gifting her Star shaped cake. This cake will steal the heart of your sweetheart in the most romantic way. Star shaped cake can be easily availed from local bakery shops or online in different flavors. The cake delivery is possible even in small towns like – Tirunelveli. All you need to do is to login to one of the reputed online cake shops. Select the cake; mention your address and date & time of receiving. You can also order midnight or eggless online cake delivery in Bangalore.


  1. Alphabet cake: The charm of personalized cake is simply mind blowing. A person loves to see his/her name or an initial alphabet of her name on the top of a cake. Imagine how your girlfriend would react when she will see her birthday cake shaped in an initial letter of her name. We bet she will give an astonishing reaction. She will be short of words, but her expressions will say it all. This delectable alphabet cake will not only be loved by your girl, but everyone invited to the party. It can be decorated using creamy swirls, flower patterns and sprinkle gems on cake. The flavors of alphabet cake are available in different sizes and flavors from Pineapple to Chocolate to Blackforest and Vanilla.


  1. Strawberry Rose cake: The toothsome strawberry cake is a lip smacking cake you can gift your sweetheart to let her feel divine. Garnished with smooth and silky whipped cream in the form of roses, this delicious cake will definitely steal your baby’s heart with perfect taste and design. You can get it prepared in a variety of shapes – circle, square and heart. You can also order strawberry rose cake in cupcake style. She will enjoy the delicious frosting completely on her own. Don’t forget to click this amazing moment and treasure this moment for a lifetime.


  1. Butterscotch photo cake: The goodness of buttery cream and a sight of romantic picture. Isn’t it a magnificent combination? That’s why, butterscotch photo cake is the best cake to make your love feel at the top of the World. Topped with melted butterscotch chips and a beautiful image, this cake would definitely be the perfect delight for eyes, souls and taste buds. This cake will leave your girlfriend in awe as it is an outstanding blend of irresistible taste and emotions. She will be impressed by this thoughtful cake and would enjoy cutting it even more.

Your care and concern is the greatest gift for her, but little surprises on birthday helps keep the relationship intact. Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to flatter your girl by gifting the lush cake which she is definitely going to admire a lot. The list here, just choose the best one to pamper her.

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