5 Proven Tips for Keeping Children Stress-free

Tips for Keeping Children Stress-free

One might not notice it, but children also deal with stress. And with social distancing and quarantine around the globe, the situation is not improving. Kids love to spend time outside, play with friends or enjoy fun activities at the park. Unable to do that, they are becoming a lot more anxious. Kids are concerned about doing well in school and making friends. They get anxious when they do not receive  in their time of need. 

So, in order to help out the children, certain steps have been mentioned that will pacify them. 

  • Put an End to Overscheduling 

Overscheduling is one of the most stressful factors for children. Today’s children are required to pay attention and do well in school for seven hours, participate in extracurricular activities, return home, complete homework, and go to bed, only to repeat the process the next day. 

Downtime is essential for children’s rejuvenation. Their bodies and minds need rest. And it’s possible that they aren’t aware of it. It’s crucial to recognize when your child is overworked. As per the experts, examine the children’s schedules over the course of a week to ensure that there is ample downtime.

Parents need to create a sense of relaxation around their kids. They must not rush, vent out anger, eat on the run. Keep it normal to avoid your kids getting worked up. If your kids find any assignment to be daunting, show them the way. Or, you can hire experts for CPM homework help

  • Show them Certain Calming Strategies 

Although it is essential that you showcase a world devoid of anxiety and stress, it is necessary that you show them certain calming techniques as well. After all, you won’t be there to protect them all the time. Once they are 7 or 8, they need to slowly start fending for themselves. This is essential, or else they won’t be able to cope with the vicissitudes later on. 

Deep Breathing Technique 

It’s important for them to move their belly, not their chest, while taking a deep breath. Their stomach should be going out while they breathe in. And their stomach should shift in as they exhale. Use props like bubbles, a pinwheel, or lying down with a teddy bear on their stomach to make it more interesting.

Use Imagination 

Allow your child to visualize their favorite place on the planet. It could be at the beach, in the woods, or in a quiet corner of your house. Encourage them to think about this place through their senses – what do they see, hear, and feel? Encourage them to spend a few minutes there.

Select a Number 

It can be beneficial to concentrate on anything easy, such as counting. Allow them to choose a number and count to that number. Alternatively, they might begin with a random number, such as 68, and count backwards to one. Alternatively, they could begin at 100 and count backwards by fives.

  • Make Sleeping Important 

According to the experts, sleep is important for reducing stress to enhancing mood and improving school results. If your child isn’t getting enough sleep, it’s another sign that they’re overscheduled. 

Reducing obligations is beneficial once again. Keep TV – and other gadgets – out of your child’s space, for example. The blue light emitted by the phone screen suppresses melatonin output, the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle (aka circadian rhythm). This makes falling asleep and waking up the next day much more complicated.

Researchers discovered that the brain goes through a series of stages during the first hour or so of sleep each night, during which brain waves slow down. This duration of slow wave sleep is followed by muscle and eye relaxation. Moreover, the heart rate, temperature and blood pressure all fall.

As you can imagine, the entire body gets rested. So, encourage your kids to have a good night sleep. 

  • Search for Good Distractions 

There are periods when you should take steps to relieve tension, such as limiting your activities. There are moments, though, that you simply cannot repair it. There’s nothing they can do about it, but your child might keep worrying about it until he or she can’t concentrate at school. Then it’s time to try to divert their attention away from the stress.


You must try to find a place where they can volunteer. Perform small acts of kindness for others at random. This will divert their attention away from their own concerns by focusing on other people.

Make them Laugh 

Make up some Would You Rather questions or play a game of mad libs together. The simple act of laughing will make children feel better and relieve tension.

Play Games 

Set aside some time and bring out your favorite board game from your childhood. Teach them to play the game of chess, or snakes and ladders, etc. 

  • Prepare Your Kids to Deal with Mistakes 

The fear of making mistakes causes a lot of stress in children. Remind them that they aren’t expected to know “how to do anything” or “how to do everything correctly.” So, it is natural if they make a numerical mistake. It is your duty as a parent to guide them or offer them math homework help when they are struggling.

In addition to this, if they mistakenly hurt the feelings of other students, you should explain that they didn’t know about it. Tell them that it is okay to admit that they made a mistake and there are ways to amend it. The mistake will serve them a lesson, and they will remember it. 

As a parent, you must also tell your five- or six-year-olds what’s right and what’s wrong. And if they struggle with something, extend your helping hand, and let them know that you are there for them. 

If you abide by these steps, you will be successful in keeping your child mentally fit. And mental well-being is key to physical well-being as well. Be there for your ward when they ask, “Who can do my math homework?” rather than scolding them for not being able to solve a question. 

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AnneP Gill is a student counsellor and often looks after kids with mental health disorders. She has her own blog site where she states valuable tips. At present, she is associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com, where she supervises do my assignment help provided by experts.

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