All You Should Know About AC Service and Cleaning

All You Should Know About AC Service and Cleaning

The predicted life expectancy of window-type air conditioners is between 5 and 7 years, according to the International Association of Home Inspectors. Sadly, many homeowners are unable to fully maximize the expected lifespan of their air-conditioning systems. Improper use and poor maintenance, reduce its serviceable years. This makes it important to regularly check and clean your air-conditioner to avoid problems.

Regular service, cleaning, and maintenance of AC parts such as coils, drains, fins, and filters are vital in its efficient operation and longevity. Failure to clean up the air-conditioning unit can cause undue damage to its parts and a decreased cooling capacity. You might even end up buying a new unit.

The air-conditioner should be maintained to ensure that it is working perfectly and avoid sudden breakdown. When the warm summer season comes, your AC unit is ready to cool you down.

However, AC cleaning and maintenance is no easy task. With multiple screws and bolts in and around the air-conditioner, it is vital to have at least a basic knowledge of AC units and decent technical skills. You’ll need this as you disassemble and put back the air-conditioner. However, if you are not a handy person, it might be best to contact experienced AC technicians or cleaners. Either way, you need to have basic knowledge of AC service and cleaning so you are guided properly when it comes to your air-conditioner.

Here, let’s check out the most important aspects of AC service and cleaning.

Cleaning air filters and fins

While the AC is operating, the air filter gathers an enormous amount of dust, dirt, pet dander, hair, and much other tiny debris. Dirty air filters can hamper proper air exchange which can reduce its cooling capacity. It is also among the most common causes of ice development. Cleaning an air filter is easily done by washing it with soap and water. Likewise, the condenser fins can also be cleaned and washed, especially that these parts are prone to bacteria.

Checking for spillage and cleaning the drain

During AC service, the technician checks for any pooling or dribbling of water. Pipes and tubes inside the air-conditioner are checked for any possible leakage. The technician also removes all waste and dirt to prevent water leakage. Likewise, the drain is checked and cleaned. In some cases, the drain is clogged resulting in the pooling of water inside the AC. Eventually, collected water might drip around any of the openings. If the water lacks a vent, the humidity level inside the air conditioner is also greatly affected.

Check coolant

AC repair technicians from Hartman recommend regular checking of the coolant (Freon) level. In case the coolant falls from the recommended amount, it becomes unable to regulate the proper temperature level. So, before running the AC unit after a long winter break, make sure the coolant level is adequate or it might cause problems.

Clean evaporator coils

Although the cooling coils are protected by an air filter, debris and dirt can still get deposited onto the coils. As debris builds up, it can completely cover the evaporator coils, thereby reducing its heat-absorbing capacity. This can have a major impact on the cooling efficiency of the AC. Ideally, cooling coils should be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Condenser coil care

For AC units that come with an outdoor condenser and fan, be sure to check the condenser coils. This AC component is subjected to all elements such as rain, wind, falling leaves, dust, etc. Thus, it is also prone to problems. Make sure to keep the condenser coil clean as debris and dust can hamper its ability to dissipate heat. With poor cooling capacity, the compressor and condenser work double-time and can even heat up.

Professional deep cleaning

Before the hot season sets in, make sure to have your air-conditioning unit cleaned and serviced by an experienced AC technician. A reliable AC service professional checks all parts of the AC, especially the parts mentioned above. They will ensure that the appliance is in good condition and ready for use come summer.

AC cleaning isn’t an exciting activity. Instead of spending an entire weekend trying to learn how to disassemble the unit, it might be best to seek the help of qualified AC technicians. They can help you in many ways such as performing deep cleaning, diagnosing and fixing defective parts or components, recommending any adjustments to improve efficiency, informing you of proper AC sizing and positions, and ensuring safety and quality.

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