An All-inclusive Guide to Become a Yoga Instructor

become a yoga instructor

Are you planning to become a yoga instructor? Well, becoming a yoga instructor has now become one of the most novel careers today. Especially for the individuals who have a desire to help others at the physical mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Considering the benefits of yoga, people are trying hard to learn it. But, for that, there is a need to get guidance from expert yoga instructors. If you want to serve humanity by becoming a yoga instructor, here’s what you need to do.
Before you move further, there is something you need to ask yourself to get clarity on things.

Why do you want to start your career in yoga and become a yoga instructor?

Before you hop up to enroll in a yoga teacher training course, clear your intentions. Know your goal behind doing YTT and become a yoga instructor. You can ask yourself the same and make sure to be honest with your answer. Clarity on things beforehand will make it easy for you to begin your journey of becoming a yoga teacher.

Once you get the answer, you can proceed further with the following steps to become a yoga instructor.

How to Become a Yoga Instructor?

1. Select the Right Yoga School

It is essential to choose the right school for getting the right yoga knowledge and become a yoga instructor. To choose the right yoga school, you can check online reviews of various schools as well as ask some trusted people regarding the one you are planning to join.
While choosing the school, consider the following points to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the school is recognized by Yoga Alliance.
  • Check if the yoga style you want to learn is available.
  • Ensure that you will learn yoga from expert yoga teachers.
  • Have a check on the course curriculum and see if it matches Yoga Alliance standards.
  • Make sure the school is located far from hustle and bustle of city life and is offering calming environment.
  • Try joining the one that offers accommodation and food facilities along with yoga teacher training.

2. Choose a Yoga Style and Course

Yoga is not limited to one particular yoga style. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the one you have interest in. Right from choosing Hatha yoga to Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga to Gentle yoga, and Vinyasa yoga to Power yoga, you can choose any style that fits your needs. Apart from that, choose a course as per your yoga level.

For beginners, 200 hour yoga teacher training is the best option to enroll in. However, if you have already completed that have basic knowledge of yoga, you can join 300 hour yoga teacher training also.

People also choose 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn all about various aspects and techniques of yoga in one go. So, choose the course as per your level and availability.

3. Practice Hard and Complete Your Training

After choosing yoga school and course, the next step comes on the way to become a yoga instructor is to give your best in completing the course in a successful manner. Make sure you attend each and every class and try learning all the aspects of yoga.
While doing your yoga training, your aim should be to learn about yoga tools and techniques as deeply as you can. When you learn various aspects of yoga and practice them on regular basis, no one will be able to stop you to become a yoga teacher.

4. Apply for RYT Title

Once are done with your yoga teacher training, it is suggested to apply for the RYT title with Yoga Alliance. Although it is not necessary to get such an entitlement for becoming a yoga instructor, it will make you more credible worldwide. Apart from that, you can have more and more career options as a yoga teacher.

5. Start Teaching Yoga

Last but not the least, practice teaching yoga to others. You can teach yoga to your loved ones or join a yoga school for this. You can also open your own studio in your city.
Following the above-mentioned 5-step guide, you can become a yoga instructor. However, keep in mind that your dedication, practice, and commitment will always be needed if you want to spread the yoga teachings for the transformation of others. We wish you a great career in yoga!

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