Here’s What You Should Know Before Joining A YTT School

YTT School

Yoga is a sacred and ancient art of uniting your mind, body, and soul. It has been a part of numerous cultures and religions from around the world. Whether it is the numerous yoga asanas, Pranayama techniques, or the advanced yoga poses, there is something for everyone in yoga. The best part about practicing yoga is you do not need any expensive equipment to practice this sacred art.

Do you plan on taking your current practice of yoga to another level? Want to learn advanced yoga poses and concepts? It is time you enroll in a certified YTT school and kickstart this journey to unlocking your true potential. The highly qualified teachers at the school would provide you the right guidance in taking your understanding of yoga to another level.

However, simply joining a yoga school would not make you a master of yoga. There are some things you have to follow before enrolling in a yoga school.

4 Things To Do Before Joining A YTT School

Congratulations! You have decided to go through with the yoga teacher training. You want to become the best yogi but might be a bit confused as to how to proceed further.

With that said, given below are four things that you should do before enrolling in the YTT school.

1. Take A Break

This sounds counter intuitive to what you plan to do, however, becoming a yoga teacher training is intense on a mental and physical level. Yoga is a long-term investment and you would not become perfect in practicing challenging yoga poses after just a few weeks into the training.

On the other hand, pushing yourself too hard can increase the chances of a serious injury and interfere with your yoga teacher training. If you continue to do personal yoga practice despite of joining the yoga school, it will always come with an increased risk of injury.

So, unless you want to jeopardize the yoga teacher training itself, it is wise to take some time off from your personal practice.

2. Arrive Early

Although leaving the comfort of your home and coming to a completely new place would be a bit challenging, but it is also true that nothing grows in the comfort zone. Moreover, if you are coming on a restricted schedule it becomes important to make the most of the YTT school classes.

Hence, yoga experts recommend you should come to the place a few days early. This gives your body enough time to acclimatize to the new climate and food, not to forger a whole new culture. Coming at the last moment would not give your body enough time to match the surroundings and only cause problems during the course.

3. Don’t Worry About Others

Everyone yearns to make a good impression on those they meet. However, with a yoga teacher training you should start the journey with more compassion. The one advise yoga teachers would give you all the time is never to compare nor think badly of others. Do not try to form any pre-conceived notions about others nor do yoga to please others.

Remember, the art of yoga is finding the best way to focus on yourself and not prove your worth to others.

4. Think About Your Intentions

The teachers at the YTT school would tell you to set an intention before the class and revise it in every session. Decide for yourself what you aim to accomplish with the yoga teacher training and see what changes you would need to bring in to achieve that goal.

Always remember, along with flexibility of body to do the asanas you also need to possess flexibility of mind to really go deeper into yoga.

At times, you might think why join the YTT school at all? Read below to know how a yoga teacher training can help you in the long term.

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3 Reasons You Should Enroll In YTT

Do you wish to have the same level of mental fluidity and calmness as your friends who do yoga? The best thing about yoga teacher training is it gives you a chance to leave the old you and become a different individual with more positivity and energy.

With that said, given below are three reasons why you should invest in an YTT.

1. Deepen Your Practice

You might not think this but joining a YTT school does offer you a major benefit. This benefit includes the chance to understand yoga beyond the numerous poses and learning new yoga techniques. It helps you dive deeper into personal yoga practice.

2. Stay Fit

Although yoga has received flak from people who want a faster way to come in shape and stay fit. What they fail to understand is that yoga works on the inside before paying attention to the external. In short, it keeps your mind and spirit aware and pure before focusing on the body.

Moreover, numerous yoga asanas have countless health benefits like increased energy, improved mental awareness, and clarity.

3. Learn To Teach

A yoga teacher training helps you understand yoga and its numerous techniques. However, the top benefit of joining a YTT school is you also learn the skills to teach yoga. In other words, you learn how to help others practice and adopt this healthy lifestyle.


Do you want to move from a beginner to an advanced yoga practitioner? Enroll in a certified YTT school and learn yoga under expert guidance.

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