Know the Signs of Overdose to Save Yourself Before it’s too late

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There are several reasons why a person becomes an addiction and most of these reasons are psychological. But that doesn’t mean all of them are mentally ill, some of them can be caused by minor mental issues. Whatever it is, it’s better to just call an expert to get help rather than having to deal with the consequences later.

But we do know that it is not as easy to do. Without the interference of and medical expert and therapist, getting over addiction on your own is impossible. But if the patient is reluctant to listen to this advice and don’t want to get a treatment than you need to take the initiative to take them to the drug addiction treatment centers. But before than you need to be absolutely sure that if the person need proper attention.

And that why, we are here to inform you about the signs of overdose, so that you can save yourself or a loved one from dying due to addiction.

What’s an overdose?

An overdose happens when our body gets overwhelmed with the present of toxins caused by the substance consumption. And if the overdose is not treated properly by the drug addiction treatment centers near me then the person can pass away.

How overdose happens?

Overdose can happens due to many reasons and that’s why it’s not easy to pinpoint one cause. The most common reason of over dose is taking more substance than our body can tolerate. Or in other case substance can also happen due to mixing different substances.

Because it’s hard to determined, how much substance our body can take, dying of overdose is pretty common and unpredictable. If the person survive from such a life-threatening health condition, suffering from other health conditions become inevitable.

Health Complications That Are Signs of Overdose

Overdose is of two kinds and those are alcohol overdose and drug overdose. However, drug overdose is the leading cause of death in the USA. There are several drugs that can be the reason of overdose, but 70% of the overdose incident happens because of illicit drugs and prescribed medicine. So, if someone in your family takes prescribed medicine such as anti-depressants, pain relievers or similar medication then they need to be monitored properly so that you can call suboxone doctors near me just in time.

Check out the below symptoms of overdose:

    • Agitation 
    • Weak pulse
    • Constricted Extreme drowsiness 
    • Psychosis 
    • hallow breathing 
    • Delirium 
    • Hypertension 
    • Vomiting 
    • pupils 
    • Seizures 
    • Clammy skin

Even though, these symptoms can vary from person to person, these are quite general indicators of addiction overdose.

How to deal with addiction overdose

Well, first of all, there is nothing you can do to help them other then calling the emergency number. From there the person would be taken to the hospital where they will be treated with suboxone detox procedure. Using such medication is important to deal with addiction a without it the body cannot manage with the absence of drug.

After the detoxification is done the patient will most probably be taken to a suboxone clinic for further treatment. There the patient would receive not only medicinal treatment but therapeutic treatment as well.

Drug overdose is a truly terrifying experience and it can open your eyes about addiction by making your more cautious about your life choices. If you have gone through such life experience then you need to make sure that to be more careful. At least stay careful enough not to end up in suboxone clinics near me. Because once you have been addicted, overcoming it can be pretty much next to impossible. With a proper aftercare routine and enough will power, you can also live a normal and sober life like you sued to before.

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