The Complete Guide To Vipassana Meditation

vipassana meditation

One of the most powerful yogic techniques that has been popular around the world is that of meditation. Meditation has been a part of various cultures and religions from thousands of years. It has been the first technique adopted by numerous yogis and spiritual seekers to connect with the divine source of all life.

Moreover, numerous scientific and medical studies have shown the positive impact of daily meditation session on an individual’s mental and physical health. One of the types of meditation that has been around for thousands of years is Vipassana meditation. It is the hardest yet the most effective meditation technique to help you realize your true divine nature.

With that said, let us find out a bit more about Vipassana meditation.

Vipassana Meditation – In Brief

Also known as Insight meditation, Vipassana meditation requires continuous attention to sensations to help you see the true nature of this universe. This is a form of meditation taught by the great Gautam Buddha and also forms a basis of all traditions of Buddhist meditation.

Although, Vipassana is predominantly followed in Southeast Asia, this has undergone a major change with time. Always remember, the biggest of get Vipassana meditation benefits is it helps you get rid of unproductive and negative mental thoughts to live a life of more awareness and self-observation.

In other words, this is the best type of meditation that helps you form a solid mind-body connection by revealing to you certain truths of human existence. However, it is important that you follow the right guidelines to practice this yoga technique.

Steps To Practice Vipassana Meditation

Although, choosing to start the Vipassana meditation with guided music and videos is great, it is not something that is compulsory for you to practice this type of meditation.

Given below is a step-by-step procedure to help you practice Vipassana meditation with ease.

  • Always choose a place devoid of any distractions.
  • Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or couch in the cross-legged position. Keep your head and spine completely straight.
  • Imagine your muscles relaxing while breathing in a normal pace.
  • Have a object to focus on during the session. This object can be your breathing or physical sensations it produces, especially in the abdomen.
  • Keep in mind, your breathing is the focal point of meditation.
  • Fix your attention on your breath, observe and explore how your mind wanders during the practice. Bring your attention back to the breathing every time your mind wanders of.
  • You can use a name for the awareness you are experiencing to sharpen your focus for the next session. For example, you should name every sensation and take its name when your mind loses its focus.
  • One of the ways you can master this meditation technique is by enrolling in the best yoga training in India and under the guidance of highly skilled yoga teachers.

Needless to say, such a deep meditation style does offers some impressive health benefits.

Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation

Given below are three major health benefits of daily Vipassana meditation.

1. Boosts Focus & Concentration

Although meditation is mostly done in a quite space, there are many ways to do Vipassana meditation. The main point behind every technique is to help your mind become calmer and mindful to function throughout the day.

You can practice being in the moment while doing any activity, whether it is singing, playing sports, reading a book, or even showering. Vipassana meditation helps in keeping your mind aware and sharp by getting it rid of unnecessary thoughts and focusing on the present moment.

2. Improves Decision Making Power

One of the major Vipassana meditation benefits is this does a lot when it comes to taking care of depressive and negative thought patterns which are the root cause of a bad quality of life. By simply being present, you develop the ability to observe the thinking pattern of your mind which gives you better decision making power.

A recent study found that only 30 days of Vipassana meditation helped the participants develop better mindfulness, improved well-being, and positive personality traits. In other words, this comes down to being more self-directed rather than being dependent on others.

In the long run, the more you practice Vipassana, the more self-control you develop which leads to a decrease in impulsive decision making.

3. Can Be Done Anywhere

Vipassana meditation can be done anywhere. Whether you are laying down on the bed or simply taking a walk, it is one yogic meditation which you can do anywhere as a form of active meditation.

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Want to know about other Vipassana meditation benefits? Enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school to learn this deep yogic meditation technique.

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