Top German Kitchen Brands No One Can Help But Fall in Love With

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It is natural for someone craving a glamorous, functional, aesthetically appealing and unique kitchen design to look out from the leading kitchen brands and suppliers. If you happen to be one of such individuals here in London, then you probably must have taken German kitchen designs, including Leicht kitchens London, into consideration. This is pretty evident, which is the widespread popularity and trustworthy nature of the German kitchens.

They set the highest standards for beautiful designs, innovative features, quality finishes and like. These kitchens enable homeowners to make the most of their kitchens while making them one of the most appealing and attractive spaces. Here we are with some of the best German kitchen design brands and suppliers, which you can count on for making your dream kitchens.


Schuller is one of the most talked-about and trusted German kitchen brands because of many evident reasons. The first one is the fact that this leading brand specialises in making custom-made products. Only high-quality materials are used in the manufacturing, and state-of-the-art techniques are employed. A wide variety of finishes are created, just as there are with Leicht kitchens, so that people can easily find their perfect taste and style.

Compared to some other German kitchen brands, this one is reasonably priced and comes with a 15-year guarantee. These factors are enough to help people build trust in this kitchen brand, but there is much more to it. Schuller is an environmentally friendly brand committed to sustainability and using energy responsibly.


If you happen to consider Leicht kitchens UK as an ideal option, you would be happy to know that this particular brand has been producing exception German kitchens for more than eight decades. And such a profound industry experience is enough for ascertaining Leicht’s potential and reputation. Nothing in this world can continue serving its clientele for this long without doing its work right.

With designs touted for their innovative and contemporary appeal, these kitchen designs make the best use of the space available. With clever shapes and sizes, the kitchen elements fit in so well while maximising storage. Also, the design is such that it offers ease of use. You can choose in exact accordance with your taste, as there is a vast range of finishes to select from.


Bauformat is another German kitchen brand renowned for creating the highest quality kitchens. Due to the meticulous material selection and several other factors, the brand’s kitchen designs excel in appearance, quality, durability, design and even price. Custom kitchen designs are created so that all the elements fit well, utilising the kitchen space in the best manner possible. Such kitchen designs flaunt easy and comfortable usage and maximum storage space.

In other words, Bauformat creates innovative kitchen solutions just like ones present in Leicht kitchens London. They are perfect for kitchens that lack space, as they end up making them comfortable and functional by maximising space. With slide up counters and movable components, Bauformat kitchens achieve a sleek, mess-free and elegant appearance.


Another German kitchen manufacturer has spent over 65 years mastering the art of creating appealing and highly functional kitchens. Every custom kitchen is created with utmost attention to detail, which gives buyers a feeling that every kitchen element has been designed to match their exact taste and preference. Design possibilities are endless, which means you can seamlessly create a Nobilia dream kitchen in your home.

Whether you wish to create a contemporary or a traditional kitchen style, this German brand can give you both or a mix of both if you like. There is no point in having a kitchen that looks great but lacks functionality.

However, you can never have this problem with German kitchens, for they have a reputation for having a perfect balance of form and functionality.


With Hacker as a choice when creating a kitchen or remodelling an old one, you can end up achieving a one-of-a-kind kitchen design and style. The highlights of these kitchen designs are innovative equipment, out-of-the-box worktops and splendid materials and colours. Hacker kitchens are the best in durability, quality, functionality and design to get at competitive prices.


This kitchen brand started small and eventually began creating full kitchens, which have earned global recognition and appreciation. Offering three kitchen lines today – Classic, Pure and Urban – the brand offers plenty of contemporary, traditional and minimalistic kitchen design options. You can explore a wide assortment of colour, style and design options to pick the one that compliments your kitchen and best suit your taste. SieMatic happens to be more expensive than other German kitchen brands, such as Leicht kitchens.


German kitchens are famous across the globe for their extraordinary qualities. If you also wish to install one in your home, you can count on the leading names, including those mentioned above.

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