Explain the Properties of Rectangle

Geometry is a particular subset of mathematics that uses diagrams or shapes for particular studies rather than numbers and notations as in other branches of mathematics. A variety of shapes are studied in the field of geometry. In this article, we’ll look at rectangles and the properties of rectangle. The word rectangle traces its name to the Latin word -rectangular, which is a conjunction of rectus (right) and angulus.

Shapes made of straight lines and shapes made of curved lines are two ways to categorize the very different kinds of shapes that exist. A circle and a parabola are examples of shapes with curved lines, while triangles and rectangles are examples of figures with straight lines. It’s also possible to divide these shapes into closed and open categories. Hence we can see what a wide range of shapes we can explore when we study math.

The triangle is the first in the family of closed shapes consisting of straight lines and the least number of lines. To make a closed shape with straight lines, at least three lines are needed. Following the triangle, we have shapes made of four, five, six lines, and so on. In each category, the structure can be normal or irregular, which means that if the geometric shape is made up of lines of equal length, it is normally regular. Otherwise, the geometric form is irregular if the different lines are of different lengths.

The shape of a square created by four equal lines, each perpendicular to the other, is a very common and studied shape in the regular category. A rectangle with four lines and also parallel lines opposite to each other, much like a cube, is the square’s nearest relative. However, unlike a cube, the adjacent sides of a rectangle are not of equal length, whereas the opposite sides are equal. Visit the Cuemath website to learn more about the properties of a rectangle.

One of the rectangle’s useful properties as a shape is that it has a very simple and easy shape, which makes the calculation of the area or circumference of a rectangle very simple. As previously said, the rectangle has four sides, two of which are perpendicular to each other and unequal, and two of which are equal.

Rectangles are a common shape in everyday life, and they are often used as building blocks. Bricks are frequently rectangular in form, so it’s no wonder that houses and rooms are rectangular. It’s not unusual to see a rectangular-shaped swimming pool or a rectangular-shaped sports field, such as a tennis court. In today’s world, almost all cell phones are rectangular in nature, so we can derive that their shape has unique properties that allow them to be used in a wide range of applications.

A rectangle can be said to be a parallelogram (a quadrilateral in which the opposite sides are running parallel).

  • A rectangle can be referred to as a parallelogram. As the opposite sides are equal.
  • The interior angle is equal to 90 degrees.
  • The sum of the interior angles would be equal to 360 degrees.
  • The area of the rectangle can be calculated as length multiplied by its breadth.
  • The perimeter of the rectangle can be calculated as 2 *( length + breadth )
  • The diagonals of the rectangle are equal, and also they bisect each other.
  • Amongst all the given parallelograms, the parallelogram, that is, a rectangle, has the greatest area.
  • If a rectangle is drawn inside of the circle, a rectangle can be referred to as cyclic if all corners of the rectangle lie on the circumference of the circle.
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