What is the need of CDSCO registration to import Cosmetics?

CDSCO registration is an essential requirement to import drugs of chemical nature. As cosmetics, despite not being consumed, entail certain drug-like substances, their importers are required to obtain this certification or registration from the Central Drug Standard Control Organization.

What is the need of adhering to this particular registration guideline? Why does the government care what kind of cosmetic product people use to make them look better? The answer to both of these questions can be found through this blog.

CDSCO Approval: A requirement that can’t be ignored

The Central Drug Standard Control Organization is an authority that have acted as a watchful eye over the drugs and medical products that come to India for many years. Following are the certain types of articles for which CDSCO certificate is a requirement

  • To import cosmetic products
  • To import Drugs
  • To import medical equipments

Before the mentioned products can be imported in India, CDSCO has to test them. The reason of these tests forms the foundation of the need of CDSCO approval in India.

Reasons for CDSCO registration in India

Following are the four reasons the CDSCO has given to make it mandatory that importers of cosmetic producers obtain CDSCO registration in India:

  • Reducing the presence of heavy metals: To cut cost, and to make the product more powerful, many manufacturers integrate heavy metals into their cosmetic products. Their effectiveness is only outweighed by the harm that they can cause the bodies. CDSCO has to ensure that heavy metals are absent from such products. And if some are indeed present, they are so within a limited amount.
  • Reducing animal testing: India is a country that believes in oneness of oneself with the nature. As such, most of our ways are to ensure that no animals are harmed during product testing. Through animal testing product registration guidelines, CDSCO tries to reduce harm to animals during the production of cosmetics.
  • Safety of the product: Cosmetic products should always be safe for the people to use. The presence of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and other unfavourable elements can compromise people’s health. CDSCO has taken steps to ensure that no such products are allowed to enter into the Indian market.
  • Marking the product: By marking the product with its own brand, CDSCO ensures to the public that the product they are using is safe for them to use. It’s a brand of trust that you, as an importer must always cherish before launching your product in India.

To put it plainly, CDSCO registration exists to ensure that the product entering into Indian territory is safe for people to use and adheres to all the international and national standards set up by the authorities.

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The aforementioned reasons are what make CDSCO SUGAM Registration an important task for every importer of cosmetics. If you’re the one who seeks to know more about the CDSCO registration process, you should call us. We are going to make sure that importing cosmetics business of yours is a success.

If you’re looking go import cosmetics products to sell them in Indian market, you must get ready with the CDSCO registration. Registrationwala specializes in providing aid in the matter of this certification. Contact us to know more.

What is the need of CDSCO registration to import cosmetics? This blog highlights the reason you need to import CDSCO SUGAM registration to import cosmetics in India.


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