Your Guide to Choose the Right Bar Chairs

Buying bar stools online has more to it than meets the eye. Knowing what to buy and how to buy beforehand helps you make educated decisions.

Bar stools are enduring fixtures in the hospitality sector. They are everywhere, from pubs and bars to restaurants and resorts. But lately, these tall chairs have intruded into the confinement of homes as well. Being functional, versatile, aesthetic, and compatible, it is easy to guess why.

Bar stools are welcome additions to any décor, contemporary or modern. Line them around the island or bar, use them to create an additional sitting space in the bedroom or close to the window – the possibilities are simply endless. It’s human enough to be tempted to buy bar stools, but not without proper consideration. Here’s your lowdown on how to buy bar chairs online.


The last thing you want is a bar stool that doesn’t sit with the island or restrict thigh clearance. You are better off kick-starting the bar chair hunt with measurements. Three aspects need to be measured carefully, including stool size, counter elevation and thigh clearance.

  • Stool Size: it’s the size from the stool’s foot to the seat, and the backrest, if there, is excluded. While customized options are available, stools typically come in four sizes.
  1. Short: 16 to 23 inches
  2. Counter: 24 to 29 inches
  3. Standard: 30 to 34 inches
  4. Tall: 34 to 36 inches
  • Counter Elevation: The bar stools’ height should be according to the counter they’ll be placed against. Any mismatch can cause discomfort to the sitter. Mind you; a bar stool works best with the corresponding sized counter. So, measure the counter’s elevation, from feet to the top. Counter stools are ideal for most counters, while standard stools can be considered for thicker counters. Tall stools are apt for watching TV and exterior sittings.
  • Thigh Clearance: The stool, when placed against the counter, should afford optimal legroom for your thighs. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to sit down or cross your legs. Consider the vertical height between the seat and the counter’s underside. If the underside is significant, keep the stool’s height low and vice-versa. Avoid keeping more space than required. The sitter might feel discomfited when sitting on an exceedingly roomy bar stool.

Be careful with the measurements. Instead, measure twice. Remember, even a few inches here and there would impact both the bar chair’s function and your comfort. Also, the numbers will help you determine the number of bar stools you’ll require to fill a given space.

  • Types:

Once measurements are done, it’s time to focus on the type of bar chairs online that fits your lifestyle, décor and needs. The overwhelming number of options out there will spoil you for choices or might be intimidating even. As such, it all boils down to each to his own.

  • Back and Backless:

With bar stools with a back, expect lasting comfort and support during those marathon work and entertainment sessions. Also, they are safer for kids, preventing them from toppling off. On the other hand, backless stools are visually pleasing with a tidy, sophisticated look. These stools are easy to move around and store. Just tuck them under the counter, and you are sorted.

  • Arm Rests:

When comfort is a priority, bar stools with armrest is the way to go. They offer a higher degree of comfort and support to your arms, especially during those prolonged sitting sessions. They are usually more comprehensive than those without armrests and hence, occupy more space. So, you’ll have to settle for a fewer number of stools than required. Plus, they can be challenging to get around.

  • Swivel:

Bar stools can be with or without swivel. The swivel function ensures 360-degree rotation of the seat while the frame stays still. You enjoy the convenience of turning in the stool and move in and out of it easily and quickly. On the downside, they cost a bit more than the stationary ones.

  • Adjustable:

If you want premium functionality, opt for bar stools with adjustable height. Feel free to adjust the stool’s height to your requirements, thanks to a hydraulic pump or airlift lever. The function is beneficial for kids who otherwise might not be able to use it at all.

  • Seat materials:

The seat materials are crucial for bar stools’ functionality, comfort, and compatibility with the décor. Any wooden furniture online India store would offer you two options to choose from.

Cushioned: Cushioned or upholstered stools ensure better comfort. But they also further the aesthetics, and usher hues, textures, and patterns into your living spaces. Of all upholstery materials, microfiber and leather stand out for their rich look, resistance, longevity and easy maintenance. But, they aren’t an option for the outdoors.

Non-cushioned: If you throw many parties or have kids at home, non-cushioned bar stools make sense. They might lack the comfort of an upholstered stool but ensure easy upkeep and cleaning. They are also easy to move around and don’t wear and stain. They can grace any area of the living space but work best in high traffic areas and outdoors.

Now that you know what to buy, it’s time to scout the internet for bar chairs online. Prefer going with a credentialed online furniture store that can accommodate your specifications.

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