Benefits of Glutamine


Glutamine is an amino acid that is found in abundance in our bodies. It is available in two forms- L-glutamine and D-glutamine. L-glutamine is bioavailable and beneficial to us. It is not an essential amino acid as your body can produce sufficient glutamine in normal circumstances. However, under certain conditions, the glutamine stores can get depleted when the body is under duress. During illness, pregnancy and lactation, intense physical training, fasting or physiological stress, glutamine levels get depleted. A few bouts of intense training or intake of a high-protein, high-fat diet can cause glutamine levels to fall by 25%. When these external factors outpace your body’s ability to make glutamine, there can be muscle wasting and low energy. There is also more susceptibility to infections.

What Are The Benefits Of Supplementing Glutamine?

Glutamine has various functions in our body. However, it is not directly involved in fat burning or muscle building. In certain conditions described above, when glutamine gets depleted, there will be benefits from supplementation. The benefits are enhanced when you supplement high doses of glutamine or use it with other supplements.

  • Gut health: Glutamine plays a significant role in repairing and maintaining intestines. Studies show glutamine preserves the gut barrier. It fights intestinal inflammation and reduces food sensitivities. A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body.
  • Helps increase cell volume: It is through a sodium-dependant mechanism that glutamine transport occurs. When administered along with sodium and other electrolytes, glutamine increases cell water volume, crucial for muscle growth.
  • HGH levels: Supplementing with glutamine has shown to increase human growth hormones significantly. HGH boosts resting metabolism, which in turn burns fat and builds muscle. It thus helps to lose weight and preserve and build muscles.
  • Converts Ammonia: It helps the body be free of excess ammonia by converting it into beneficial amino acids. The amino acids are crucial for athletes performance and health.
  • Improves immunity: Studies have shown that glutamine supplementation improves immunity by lowering the risk of contracting infections.
  • Brain Health:  The glutamate-glutamine cycle is an important brain function regulated by glutamine. The cycle disruption can lead to anxiety, depression, epilepsy, alcohol addiction etc. Some emerging studies are showing the efficacy of glutamine on delaying brain ageing.

How much glutamine to take? It is found that a daily intake of about 20g to 30g of glutamine raises plasma glutamine concentrations. On training days, a daily dose of 30 g of glutamine in divided doses with carbohydrates supports glucose utilization. On non-training days, consume 15g in divided doses.

Which glutamine supplement is best?

There are many glutamine supplements available in the market. However, a high-quality glutamine supplement like MP glutamine is very effective.

What is unique about MP Glutamine?

Muscle Pharm Glutamine is a unique blend of 3 types of glutamine – l-glutamine, glutamine peptides and alanyl-l-glutamine.

Let us look at the benefits of MP glutamine:

  1. Stable: As it contains glutamine peptides, the product remains stable even when mixed with other ingredients.
  2. Fast absorption: The glutamine is readily absorbed because of the peptide chains that are already broken into smaller chains before ingesting. As it promotes a healthy digestive system, your body absorbs proteins and nutrients it needs after sustained physical training.
  3. Protects intestinal mucosa: MP Glutamine contains alanyl-glutamine, a stable water-soluble di-peptide made of amino acids l-glutamine and l-alanine. Alanyl glutamine works on the intestinal tract protecting the intestinal mucosa
  4. Increased Hydration: Adding alanyl-glutamine to an electrolyte drink or water effectively increases water and electrolyte absorption. Studies have shown that 1 g of alanyl-glutamine in half litre water boosts athletic skills performance.
  5. Growth Hormone: MP Glutamine promotes growth hormone levels by 400 per cent, which is more than other glutamine supplements can. High Growth Hormone boosts resting metabolism, burns fat and builds muscle.
  6. Muscle Recovery: Studies show that l-glutamine decreases recovery time and improves muscle soreness. It gives more energy and improves performance. Muscle Pharma glutamine helps you to rehydrate and recover quickly after the toughest of workouts!
  7. Pure: The product doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients, preservatives, colours or sugar.
  8. Tested: MP Glutamine is tested for banned substances and certified by Informed-choice.
  9. For Athletes: Muscle Pharma specializes in making products for athletes and bodybuilders. As such, the products are formulated to boost muscle growth, recovery and help fat burning. It, however, benefits everyone irrespective of their lifestyle.
  10. Less is More: Just 5g of MP glutamine is more effective than 10g of other glutamines because of the unique formulation! So, you need to take a total of 10 to 15g of MP glutamine in two or three divided doses.

Bottom line:

Glutamine plays a crucial role in achieving your health and fitness goals. However, you need to use glutamine with other supplements to get its benefits. Buying a good quality l-glutamine is crucial to meet your fitness goals. Do your research and spend your money on a glutamine supplement from a reputed brand like Muscle Pharmacy.

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