Tips to Acquire Printed Cardboard Packaging for Retail

Your business relies on the perception of your brand which helps maintain relationships with customers. Looking at hundreds of products sitting on a retail shelf, your customer will only be able to recognize your brand through your unique packaging style. This means every company’s unique printed cardboard packaging distinguishes their brand from their rivals.

Creative Printed Cardboard Packaging Designs

Your printed Cardboard Packaging is not only a protection for your product while they go through the transportation and shipping process, but they are a way of advertisement and presentation for your products. Packaging helps build brand awareness. To take benefit of your packaging it is crucial to make it appear as eye-catching and attractive as possible and there are many printing options just for this purpose! Each printing technique comes with its own set of benefits, and limitations specific to the technique itself. The right printing technology can make a huge difference for your brand. Let’s take at some of standard options when printed cardboard packaging is manufactured!

Cardboard Packaging Printing Options

When sourcing corrugated packaging, what type of printing options can you choose from? Here are a few options that you should be considering:

Silk Screen Printing

As one of the oldest and basic forms of printing, silk screen printing is an excellent option for cardboard packaging. The technique involves the transfer of ink onto a material through a mesh. Although the technique seems way too simple, it is excellent for both single- and two-color images.

When the artwork involves more than two colors, the technique uses a stencil or multiple stencils depending on how many colors the design is made of. If you are looking for a printing option for corrugated cardboard, then silk screen printing is ideal because it produces high-quality images but while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

The printing technique is not only confined to corrugate cardboard, but it can also be used for a variety of other materials such as plastic, and other types of cardboard. The result of silk screen printing is long-lasting and does not rub off easily with time.

Flexography Printed Packaging

The name flexography indicates that the method uses a flexible relief plate for printing. It can be described as the modern letterpress version. This printing technique can be used on a plethora of materials. This includes plastic, brown paper, foil, cardboard, as well as several other packaging materials.

Flexography involves the use of plates with raised images that come in contact with the material to transfer the ink and generate the printed image onto the surface.

Cardboard for Candle Packaging Wholesale

When it comes to shipping products, you need something that offers adequate protection to your product. One of the best options to pack your product in for transportation and shipping is a cardboard box. Especially, when it comes to more delicate products such as cosmetics or candles for example. Candle Packaging wholesale does not offer enough protection to candles packed within. For the extra layer of protection, you need to use a sturdy yet cheap material so as not to increase your production costs.

The technique is ideal for printing on both absorbents, as well as non-absorbent materials. It produces vibrant results since multiple colors can be used for printing. It can also be used for printing food packaging since the ink evaporates quickly. Fast-drying techniques are used in this technique which includes water-based, UV curable, and solvent-based inks. Large volume runs are cost-effective and economical.

Litho Printed Packaging

When it comes to printing packaging, lithography is the most commonly used technique for high-volume commercial printing. The technique involves a printing plate onto which the image is transferred from a computer.

A high-quality result is produced by transferring an accurate representation of the image onto the plate. You can produce full-color, photographic-quality images. Plus, the technique produces high-quality printed results without affecting the structure and fluting which have the chance of being altered by the press.

One of the biggest advantages of using this technique is the high quality and consistent image produced every time. Photographic quality imagery is ideally produced using this technique. Since the unit cost falls with increasing quantities, it is a highly cost-effective technique for high volumes. The print is long-lasting and can cope with long runs. Metallic colors and specials finishes can easily be produces using lithography.

Digitally Printed Packaging

The method of digital printing involves a digital-based image that is printed directly onto the selected material. A large-format laser or ink-jet printer is used for digital printing which deposits pigment or toner onto a plethora of materials that need printing. Digital printing is a quick process which is why it is used for projects that need to be completed quickly. This is because the process does not require plates or a complicated setup. You can print vibrant images on materials such as paper as well as corrugated boards. Compared to your traditional printing options, this is quite cheap and allows for personalization. The best part is, you can amend your artwork while the printing process has been initiated without the need of setting up new plates.

Packaging Boxes for Sale in Custom Shapes and Sizes

Cardboard can be classified into several types, each one differing from the other based on thickness. Each cardboard type has a different application, for example, the thicker materials are used for packing the more luxurious items. For example, rigid packaging is used by luxury brands to pack electronics, perfumes, and other extravagant products. Heavy-duty corrugated boxes are essential if you want your product to arrive at its destination without getting damaged. The process of shipping and handling is where your product is most susceptible to damage. Packaging boxes for sale need to be enhanced before you use them for your products. While boxes manufacturers offer a variety of designs and materials to choose from, you must select which one is best based on the kind of product you are producing. Additionally, you must select the printing option based on what material you are using.

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