Essential Tyre Checks Before Going on any Trip

Essential Tyre Checks Before Going on any Trip

After many months of lockdown, we all are just longing to go on a nice and long road trip. After all, what could be better than a road trip to have some fun without violating any social distancing norms? So, now you have filled the trunk with all the travel essential car accessories and you are just about to hit the road. But, hey, wait! Did you inspect the car tyres? If not, we are here with this brief guide on how you can ensure that your tyres are all-set for a long road trip.

Necessary tyre checks and maintenance before going on a road trip

A tyre check must be a part of your routine as regular inspection and maintenance can help to ensure the safety of your ride and also enhance the fuel economy. Here are some tasks to add in your to-do list before hitting the road:

Check the tyre pressure

Under-inflated tyres result in uneven wear, reduced fuel economy, and increased heat build-up, making them vulnerable to failure. Keep a reliable and compact tyre pressure gauge handy in your car’s tool box to quickly check the pressure of your tyres. You want to do the inspection when the tyres are cold- at least 3 hours after a ride.

Get a tyre inflator

Long road trip or not, you should always have a tyre inflator or foot pump in your car’s boot. A tyre inflator is a mini version of an air compressor and it is useful in situations when you are stuck in a long queue to the gas station or when your tyres run too low on pressure on a deserted road. A powerful tyre inflator for car can inflate any tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in less than 5-10 minutes.

Look closely for tread depth

The tyres of your car should have a minimum 1.66 mm deep treads. Anything lower than that is very dangerous as it makes it harder for the brakes to slow down the car. You can use a tyre tread depth gauge to get an exact measure of the tyre treads. If the tread depth isn’t enough, or if you notice any uneven wear on the tyre surface, make sure to get the tyres checked by a mechanic before starting your journey.

Rotate the wheels

It is always advisable to rotate the tyres before going for a long road trip. In fact, you must rotate the tyres after every 15,000 kilometres to promote even tread wear and to enhance tyre performance on the road.


So, here were some essential tyre checks and maintenance tips that you must consider before going for a long road trip. Check the pressure and tread depth of the tyres with a 2-in-1 tyre pressure and tread depth gauge. Also, make sure to carry a good quality reliable foot pump in your car’s boot. Don’t forget to check this amazing store for car accessories shop for some authentic and premium car products at the best prices. Hope this article was helpful and fun. Have a great day ahead!

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