How to very easily immigrate to Canada from Dubai?




 Many people hope to move from UAE to Canada for different kinds of reasons because Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the whole world. Canada also provides the people with attractive work opportunities for both national as well as foreigners alike and the people should move with proper planning throughout the process to migrate to Canada from UAE with the help of professionals so that error element has been eliminated from the whole process.


 Following are the most common immigration options for UAE citizens:


  • The skilled worker and professional programme: The Canadian immigration program will always allow the people and immigrants to live and work in Canada through the skilled worker system through express entry. This will allow the people to have citizenship and immigration to Canada and proactively assess, recruit and select the immigrants who are skilled and have the right kind of qualifications for their purpose. The very basic motive of this program is to ensure that labour market demands are met in Canada.
  • Quebec Skilled workers program: All the foreign workers who are interested to settle as permanent residents in the Canadian province must go with this particular program. Everything will be based upon a point-based initiative and will be operated separately from the government of Canada’s program for a skilled worker. Successful applicants can also bring family members to this province and the job offer is not required.
  • Provincial nominee program: Under this applicants can enjoy a speedy visa application process and all the people who are interested to go to Canada must have the necessary skills, education, sufficient work experience and passing of language examination result for semi or low skilled professionals. To qualify for this people need to nominate an applicant and many Canadian provinces have arrangement with the national government of Canada to carry out the system and establish the people in their respective provinces.
  • Family sponsorship: The immigration to Canada from Dubai will also be based upon the Canadian family sponsorship program and to qualify for this people must have a family which include an adult child or grandchild who is either citizens or permanent resident of Canada. IRCC will receive the expressions of interest for only a specific time every year and the intended people must apply for this concept depending upon the eligibility criteria they will be assessed. There is a financial commitment for the sponsor and he or she must be financially responsible to get you settled in Canada.


 At the beginning of the whole process, people need to determine if they are interested to work in Canada or want to settle there permanently because the visa requirements and procedure will be different for both cases. The residency visa will be open to certain applicants for example who have one year of continuous paid work full-time or who have earned a PhD in Canada or have studied towards a PhD in a country in a recognised institution and also have passed French or English examination. So, being aware of the components of the whole process associated with a Canada work permit from UAE is also very much important so that people can increase their odds of success perfectly.


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