Essential Teaching Tools For Online Classes

In this pandemic situation, it is extremely important to keep up with the latest technology tools for online teaching. There is a huge chance of you feeling either overwhelmed with this huge hype of technology all around. 

Gone are the days when in the name of technology, all you had to do was create PDF files and send emails. Today is the era of online classes, thanks to this never-ending situation of a pandemic. Times have changed, and now online education is conducted with high-end teaching tools USA.

There is so much out there for teaching resources that, at one point, it can be overwhelming for the teachers and hard to keep up with. If you are a teacher and dealing with similar situations, you are in the right place.

This post will talk about the various essential teaching tools that a teacher must use for better teaching sessions online.

  • Skype

Having a good video conferencing app to reach out to the student is one of the most important things, and Skype is a tool that does exactly that. Effective and easy to use, Skype has held endless numbers of online classes. Some of the teachers also enjoy the fun of a unique activity called Mystery Skype.

Skype has gone through many changes and updates over the years and has some new compelling features like funny GIPHY, emoticons. Not just that, you can also share photos and videos through the meeting app.

  • Zoom 

I am sure you may have already heard of “Zoom meetings” a thousand times; in addition to Skype, this conferencing tool “Zoom.” This conferencing app is similar to Skype, but it offers several additional features that lend themselves exceptionally well to collaboration.

It’s “Zoom rooms” features makes the group call like a breeze, facilitating collaborative work as well as conversations with another classroom around the world.

Not just that, with these teaching tools USA, you can record conversations which you can use for later assessment and feedback.

  • LiveBinders 

Remember the big, old binders that consisted of lecture notes, handouts, worksheets, and homework in various stages of completion. The idea was to keep everything needed in one place to keep everything organized in one place.

Live binders work the same way. It is an E-technology in which you can easily upload all the presentations, documents, worksheets, and web resources organized under relevant tabs. It will help in simplifying the teaching lesson.

  • Quizlet 

This digital flashcard app makes vocabulary memorization more interactive. Students can use these flashcard sets to Quiz themselves or each other to play games like Matching or Gravity. You can create your flashcards or choose from the Pre-made sets.

Not just that, Quizlet also provides you with the golden opportunities to connect with other language teachers via forums and discussion boards.

  • Vocaroo 

It is a famous online teaching tools USA that creates and uploads voice recordings beautifully simple. Not just that, it also allows you to link the voice comments to student work in a Blog or a cloud document service like that of Google Docs.

You can make your lessons more personal by creating Podcasts of your instructions for an activity or a homework assignment.

  • Audacity 

This is again a recording tool that has been around for a while, but I am sure that you have not till now explored its amazing capabilities. This recording app is quite similar to Vocaroo and gives you the ability to record and upload the podcasts with instructions.

It is a great tool that allows students to create skits, presentations, and other projects.


So, these are some of the teaching tools USA that will help in creating a better study situation in the pandemic, when you cannot physically come to school but have to keep up with your studies.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these tools today!

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