Morning Desert Safari -A Sunrise Spell at the Dunes

desert safari in Dubai

Your holidays in Dubai can become more exotic than you think if you visit its conservation reserve. Embrace the welcoming breezes of the city even when you are away from its glitz. Desert safari Dubai is a well-known tourist spot that remains busy throughout the whole vacation. Its wilderness attracted us too and we, the backpackers, went on to witness the morning delight of the dunes. 

As we had to explore the whole city, so we picked a sunrise safari to the dunes. The itinerary was offered by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC and approaching them, we made a wise decision. Do you want to know what the mornings at the Arabian dunes look like? Keep scrolling!

What’s Special about the Sunrise at Desert Safari in Dubai 

1. Occult of the Dawn

The glorious sunrise is what we could never forget for a lifetime! The first gaze at the morning glory of the dunes compels the beholder to an extent that he can’t look away. There’s a wave of gratitude and bliss that runs throughout him for being able to see such fantasy on earth. Absorb the sunshine and burn your miseries. A morning in the Arabian desert is the best opportunity for one to take a new start. With a fresh mind and tranquil soul!

2. Camel Safari

A camel safari in the mesmerizing background of the golden desert is a staggering journey. Discover the unseen beauty of the barren by your explorer’s eye. You’d get a dive into wonders that how Dubai rose from a barren to the land of skyscrapers. Spot the groups of oryx, wild cats, gazelles, and other flora and fauna of the marshy habitat. The distance that an SUV can’t cover, the ship of the desert will cover for you!

3. Fun in the 4x4s

The enthralling dune activities are not hidden from thrill-seekers. Many of them visit this exotic location for the sake of meeting the thrill. The exciting sports you’ll get to encounter here are dune bashing, ATV biking, sandboarding, and fat bicycling. The hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC accompanied us throughout all the exhilarating fun at the dunes.

Dune bashing is a topsy-turvy ride in a 4×4 vehicle that takes you across the high dunes. The terrain SUVs for dune bashing are Nissan patrol, land cruiser, dune buggy, hummer, or wrangler jeep. Grab the vehicle of your choice and sit tight for a roller coaster ride!

Quad biking is the ride for one. Get some training from the expert, and you are all set to hit the dunes like a pro! Whether you go for quad biking or dune bashing, the SUVs are provided with safety kits and covered with roll cages. This ensures the safety of the passengers who ride on these terrain vehicles.

4. Sandboarding

Sandboarding is another enticing activity we got to perform there on the terrain. Try balancing over the sandboard and once you get the catch, float over the Arabian sand like a surfer. Feel the morning breeze with open arms while floating on the sand ripples. If you want to travel, make sure to check Delta Airlines Flight. It’s an amusing activity for both adults and kids which they never get tired of. 

5. Customs of Arabia

People find the Arabian customs at desert safari highly cherishable. Our group, along with other tourists, celebrated being at the dunes of Dubai to a huge level of excitement. There is henna printing for women and little girls which they seem extremely enjoying. Ensemble yourself in the popular white robes which Arabs use to wear. 

You’ll also get to know the traditional hunting method of the Bedouins -Falconry. In this, the national bird of Arabia, falcons, stun everyone with their luring actions in the sand. This archaic hunting method of Arabs is worth watching!

6. Opportunity to Capture the Best Shots 

The desert of Dubai and its happenings are picturesque from every angle. Take the new sky, the golden dunes, wildlife, SUV, or the campsites. The more you explore, there’s a closer perspective to uncover at this beauteous landscape. The chromes of Arabian culture are also worth mentioning here. Click some cool snaps wearing the traditional Kandura dress along with your squad. The photographers of Happy Adventures Tourism took some lovely group shots, solos, and amazing portraits of the dunes.

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The morning aurora of the still barren reflects mysticism. A wanderer loves roaming around the camps, seeing the floating hot air balloons, and riding the camel. We, a group of such wanderers, had a blast with the operating team of Happy Adventures tourism. Their hospitality was up to the mark, even more than what we expected. Our morning desert safari in Dubai began at 4 am. Until then, we didn’t know we’d return home with immense gratitude and loads of souvenirs in our backpacks!

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