What is included in Microsoft 365 Business Basic?

Microsoft 365 Business Basic is a unique offering from Microsoft. It is a low-cost solution that allows collaborative work. Microsoft 365 works more interestingly on mobile. Microsoft has its reports on Small and medium-sized businesses. They have found that 37% of the global workforce is mobile now. That means that most of the workers are out and about. They are not sitting at their desks idle. They have either mobile phones or laptops, or tablets. They are doing their work wherever Wi-Fi is available. Another stat of Microsoft says that 43% of cyber-attacks target SMBs. Therefore, the need is to get intelligent, collaborative tools that are flexible so that the laptops or other devices can work remotely and with excellent security. Microsoft 365 is all about combining all those solutions into one package. Office 365 apps include:

  1. Desktop apps: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.
  2. Online Services: Exchange, OneDrive, Skype, Microsoft Teams.
  3. Business apps: Microsoft Bookings, Outlook customer manager.

What Microsoft has done is bringing the best-in-class solutions together into one single package. As a result, you can download and use apps like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook on mobile without any subscription. However, to get access to other advanced apps of office 365 business essentials, you will need to subscribe for the same.

Why should you use Microsoft 365 Business Basic? What are its benefits?

Every business demands a continuous workflow, data security, storage without much use of hard drives, etc. All these demands can be met by using Microsoft 365 Business Basic. It has all the office 365 business essentials that help in the easy workflow of the business. In addition, Microsoft 365 Business Basic comes up with many benefits. A business or a company can benefit from these in ways like:

  1. Improve Communication: The application teams let you contact other people in the workplace. So, no matter how far people are sitting, it provides the platform to get together for meetings.
  2. Secure Storage: Office 365 business essentials run with Cloud storage. This Cloud storage makes data secure as it is stored online. As a result, one can have easy access to that data even if there is no power supply or disaster.
  3. Business Continuity: As the files are on Cloud, the business can be continued anywhere and anytime. There is no risk of data loss if the data is on Cloud, and therefore, a business can run at its pace without any break.
  4. Automatic upgrades: If somebody buys genuine Microsoft 365 Business Basic, there will be automatic upgrades in the suite. One does not need to buy the upgraded version again and again.
  5. Customization: Another essential feature of Office 365 business essentials is that it is customizable. The customization aspects include:
  • Choosing a new theme
  • Changing the password
  • Changing Office Business Essentials Start Page
  • Modifying the notifications

What else does Microsoft 365 Business Basic offer?

M365 Business Basic comes for Rs 125/ user/ month. One can get a free trial of the applications for a month. In the trial, the advanced applications are not included. Microsoft 365 Business Basic has mobile and web versions of applications like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

The other apps included in it are:

  • Teams: To let you have conversation face-to-face from anywhere.
  • Exchange: To send business-class emails and calendaring.
  • OneDrive: To access the files and edit them anywhere.
  • SharePoint: To organize the information and create websites.

Except these, some other features that are included in Microsoft 365 Business Basic are:

To buy Microsoft 365 Business Basic, you can visit the official website of Wroffy Technologies who is partners with Microsoft. The company provides genuine licenses as well as installation services.

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