Why Foamex Printing Is A Popular Choice Among Small Businesses

foamex board

Foamex printing services are on the rise now that more and more businesses are relying on signage solutions to make an impact. Thanks to the latest advances in printing technology, it has now become all the easier to get printed designs and artwork at a fraction of the cost. This has levelled the playing field for small business owners to compete against the much-established ones.

Premium and best quality displays can be achieved with the help of foamex that are lightweight, portable, durable, and reusable with other interesting features and properties. Whether you are launching a new product in the market or services, you can definitely rely on foamex sign printing for your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Finding services at a reasonable cost won’t be difficult. All you need is reliable printing professionals who can guide you with foamex board printing matching your vision into reality.

4 Things That You Need To Know About Foamex Printing

#1 Available in Many Sizes

Foamex PVC boards are available in a wide range of sizes, and you will be spoilt for choice to choose one. The most popular are:

  • 3mm foamex – For indoor usage and short-term campaigns.
  • 5mm foamex – For both indoor and outdoor usage. Short term or long term.
  • 10mm foamex– Perfect for outdoor usage offering rigidness and sturdiness.

Foamex boards can be required with a maximum thickness of 10mm that is more than sufficient for all your outdoor advertising needs. Others can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes depending on your budget, preferences, and needs. Easy to mount and carry, velcro can be attached to the rear of the final product to fix it to the surface.

#2 Catches Attention From Both The Directions

One of the advantages of foamex boards is that it is a versatile form of marketing. It is a perfect material for twofold sided printing. The print can be utilised on both sides allowing it to catch the attention of the audience flock in from the left to right and vice versa. Place them strategically inside your stores or outside of your storefront business, and it will do the job on your behalf as a silent salesman.

#3 Interactive

Foamex boards are widespread, and we have all interacted with them at one point or the other. They are mostly found as:

  • Point of Sale signs
  • Point of Purchase Display signs,
  • Retail Display signs, menu
  • Menu Boards

You are greeted with foamex boards in shopping malls, pubs, and restaurants where you stroll, buy stuff, and spend quality time with friends and family.

On a more professional note, they have widespread use in exhibitions, events, seminars, and all the business events where you expect high footfall traffic.

#4 Quality of Printing

Foamex printing is renowned for its quality. The material is lightweight, sturdy, durable and lasts longer than many other forms of advertising solutions. It is printed on the UV innovation that can be moulded into any shape and size you desire for your brand.

What makes 5mm foamex boards long-lasting is that they are water-resistant, fire-resistant in some cases and can withstand extreme temperatures irrespective of any season. This makes it one of the best investments for small businesses that can plan long-term without spending a chunk of their marketing budget.

Wrapping Up 

We hope to have covered all the major points that you need to know about foamex printing from different sizes to its properties. Ensure that you bring just the right printing professionals on board for all your requirements. Marketing campaigns evolve as time passes by and you want to have reliable professionals who with the blend of expertise and experience bring your brand vision into a reality effortlessly.

Now that every other city and local towns are thriving and rivalling metropolitans, the demand for foamex boards will surge for years to come. Shopping malls and retail stores are being built all around not to mention their impact on trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences.

With the ease of customisation and personalisation, bringing your blueprint into reality had never been so easy. Even if you are lost of ideas in terms of your brand logo, taglines, graphics, and artwork, printing professionals help you by offering a wide range of templates making it easier to realise the potential of the final product. Wherever you look, it’s a win-win situation, especially for the client who will have tonnes of options at their disposal. The revolution of foamex printing has just started and it is not going to fade anytime soon.

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