Collection Of The Best Computer Programs For Drawing Art

Collection Of The Best Computer Programs For Drawing Art

The modern world has changed everything, and any person can be anyone, even an artist. To draw, it is not necessary to work in some particular place, just enough to have programs for drawing art on your computer. This article shows the most popular of these programs.

Any graphic editor can be called a program for drawing art, although not every editor will be able to cater to your desires. For this reason, this list contains different programs with different functions. Most importantly, each of the programs can be a separate tool in your hands or enter your set, which you can use differently.

Tux Paint

This graphic editor does not intend for one line drawing art. More precisely, it did not build for it. When it created, programmers inspired by children, and, in childhood, we became what we are today. As a result, this children’s program includes many musical instruments but is not suitable for drawing high-quality artwork.


This art program is very similar to Adobe Photoshop. It has everything that’s in Photoshop – layers, corrections, the same tools. But not all devices are available in the free version, and this is a significant minus.


ArtRage is the unique program in this collection. The fact is that the program has a set of tools in itself, which are great for drawing not only in pencil but also in paints, both oil and watercolour. Moreover, the image drawn by these tools is very similar to the present. Also, in the program, there are layers, stickers, stencils, and even tracing paper. The main advantage is that each tool can be configured and saved as a separate template, thereby extending the program.

If Artweaver is like Photoshop, then this program is more like a standard paint with Photoshop features. It has tools from Paint, layers, correction, effects, and even receiving images from a camera or scanner. On top of all this, it’s completely free. The only negative is that it sometimes works slower with three-dimensional images.


An art drawing program is a potent tool in the hands of an experienced user. It has a wide range of functions and many features. Among the features, converting a raster image to a vector one is most distinguished. There are also tools for working with layers, text, and paths.


This image editor is another copy of Adobe Photoshop, but there are many differences. True, these variations are somewhat superficial. There is also work with layers, image correction, and filters, but there is also image modification, and access to it is easy.

Paint the paint sai

Many different tool settings allow you to create an almost new tool, which is a plus of the program. Plus, you can configure the toolbar directly. But, unfortunately, all this is only available in one day, and then you have to pay.

It is not necessary to draw to create art in our modern times, just enough to have one of the programs presented in this list. They all have a common goal, but almost all of them approach this goal differently. However, with the help of these programs, you can create wonderful and unique art.

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