Everything you need to know about sales development training in 2021

Marketing established a range of techniques to boost inbound awareness and send leads pouring in, principally driven by traffic goal still such traffic growth also increased the quantity of low-quality prospects. Meanwhile, requirements have traditionally pushed sales. They wasted their time focusing just on the most interested parties they thought they could close, ignoring the majority of the other leads. 

With marketing questioning why sales are not following up on their leads and sales questioning whether marketing recognized what a good leader was, it was clear that something needed to be correct to bridge the gap. It calls for sales development to  come in. 

Sales development is the process of identifying and qualifying potential leads for future sales outreach, bridging the gap between marketing and sales to save time and money by reducing the amount of time and resources spent on low-quality leads.


How can you assist your sales team in achieving better results? Create a sales growth training program that includes a vital feature like sales time management training.

Several companies hire sales representatives and put them to ‘do their thing.’ It is necessary for companies to bring into play the appropriate salespeople, but it’s also crucial to have an accurate sales development strategy in place and to include career sales training in your overall budget. It will assist you in increasing your sales and expanding your business. Sales teams with the appropriate training will enhance their ability to quickly and respond to changes in product services and market scenarios/situations. 


Below mentioned is the list of sales development skills for better sales:-

  1. Thorough understanding of the company’s or product’s core values

Good salespeople not only know what they are selling, but they also understand why they are selling it. Anyone can approach a customer and offer a product, but the best salesperson will also provide that product while also explaining why the buyer requires it. Sales reps that are well-versed in the organization’s core values have the highest chance of succeeding.

  1. Good rapport with customers 

There are two approaches to build rapport. When a firm, product, or business delivers a pleasant community or consumer area, general rapport begins before a customer speaks with a sales representative. On the other hand, the most basic rapport is formed during the first interactions with a sales representative. Although general rapport can set the tone of an initial interaction Sales reps must be trained to maintain this familiar, trustworthy impression throughout interactions with their customers and clients. Building rapport is one of the simplest methods to establish a foundation of trust in conversation with a stranger. Salespeople that can establish rapport rapidly have a greater sales volume yield. While it’s important to focus on numbers and business, sales agents should know how to improve their sales talents by simply creating rapport.

  1. Better management skills

In the life of a sales professional, time management is often a consideration, and it could even be considered one of the most crucial. To get the most out of a day, for example, these professionals must know how to divide their time between cold calling and documentation. With practice, time management can always be strengthened. The distinction between a senior sales rep and a novice sales rep is a great example of this. When calling customers, the senior sales rep knows that calling the most promising leads first is the most efficient use of time, but the inexperienced sales rep may simply call everyone on the list.

  1. Communication skills

Whether it’s face-to-face, over the telephone, or in less different forms like marketing and promotional materials, skilled communication is essential at every level of client/customer relations. Sales representatives must be able to deliver a message in a precise manner that leaves minimal space for error or doubt.

  1. Good listening skills 

Reps should follow a 50 – 50 guideline, which means they should spend more time listening and answering inquiries before giving product information. When a customer perceives that the salesperson is paying attention, they become more engaged in the transaction and feel more in control than when they are merely being targeted as a customer.  As an additional advantage, a customer who feels is heard, and valued will have an easier time developing the trust and rapport that is so crucial in business.

  1. Product validation skills

The most productive sales representatives are so conversant with the product or service they are representing to a buyer that explaining its value is a breeze. Too many novice sales reps concentrate too much attention on what is said during a sales or marketing engagement and do not see the power of presentation. Demonstrations are more difficult than they appear since there is a small line to walk between repetition and portraying traits or attributes that can entice a buyer. Every salesperson must be taught how to improve their physical demonstration techniques until they are nearly perfect.


Centum learning

If you want your newly hired staff to be productive right away, you need to train them on your products and services as well as teach them how to sell in a way that compliments and supports your small business plan, strategy, marketing plan, and business operations strategy. The goal of sales development training should be to raise awareness, comprehension, and acceptance.

Based on the findings of the evaluation process, management experience, the geographical location of the team, and your budget, centum learning training and coaching solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the organization. 

To assure behavioral change and sales growth, our blended learning is provided in bite-size bits regularly. We provide learning and development solutions through LMS or LXp platforms. To achieve long-term behavioral change, expect a healthy mix of face-to-face workshops, E-learning, and regular virtual training.

Centum Learning believes in providing high-quality learning and development solutions that have a direct and measurable impact on key business performance indicators through our innovative technology-enabled blended learning solutions delivered on a turnkey basis in 14 African nations.  




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