Less Is More with Bundle and BOGO Offers

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Shopping is made fun of when you receive more value than you anticipated. When out and about in the market, we tend to look for deals that will save us more money while delivering all the features of pricey, state-of-the-art goods.

Brands use different marketing and promotional strategies to attract and gain customers in the long run. Since it is the marketer’s job to view products from a consumer point of view, hence all strategies are designed and implemented to provide greater value and added benefits for the customer.

Consumers today are constantly on the lookout for good promotional deals on their favorite brands- be it clothing, furniture, or food chains. Promotional codes are more likely to spend money 37% more than others.

If you are a company and want to remain relevant and meet customer’s demands, you need to incorporate promotional offers as part of your marketing strategies. These will ensure your growth, attract customers, and also increase profits.


Bundle and BOGO Offers

Bundle offers and buy-one-get-one offers are the most common, lucrative ways to pull in potential customers. Moreover, they work every single time!

  • Bundle Offers


Bundling is offering an array of different products together as a combined product or service package. People appreciate bundle offers, especially if it is their favorite brand. 


Take, for instance, the most common names like McDonald’s or KFC, your favorite food and drinks cheaper in a bundle- Extra Value Meal. This enables the consumer to get more value out of a single deal than having to buy each item separately. The same goes with happy meals and chicky meals, where you even get a toy for your kid!


Bundling is an efficient way of selling more goods at lower marketing and distribution prices. Unlike having to spend more finances on marketing each item singularly, the different items in the package are marketed as a whole, single unit.


As a consumer, it is a great deal because it is one single source that offers multiple solutions. A good bundle offer that serves the purpose can increase profits on individual sales in the long run.


If you are looking for authenticity and reliability, DealMeCoupon is the perfect platform to avail discounts and bundle offers on all your favorite brands at great prices. With a huge variety of available options, it is one of the most used websites for purchasing goods and services online.

  • BOGO Offers


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good sale offer? 


Buy-one-get-one offers are simply a way to increase sales of goods or services by offering another at the same or reduced price. Once you enter the store, you automatically end up buying more than that one item that had caught your attention.


An enormous number of individuals wait for the seasonal sale offers to avail this specific deal as they find it a great way of saving money. These deals play an important part in driving sales and generating increased revenues.


Research shows that almost 93% of consumers have availed of BOGO sales promotion at least once, and another 66% of shoppers state that they prefer BOGO to any other offer. Whether it is buy-one-get-one-free or getting the other item at half the price, customers are driven to it.


It is safe to say that consumers prefer products, goods, or services that are pocket-friendly. The right selection of marketing and promotional strategies can lead businesses to make a mark for themselves in the business world and maintain a steady growth chart.


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