How Long Does Computer Vision Syndrome Last?

Computer Vision Syndrome, commonly known as digital eye strain, is a growing menace for 9-to-5 office goers. With the change in working mode from office to home, there is a dearth of people not suffering from this syndrome. Not only prescription glasses users but people with perfect vision have trouble staying hours on computers and other digital devices. How long does computer vision syndrome last? The answer is probably a few minutes, but the tiredness can last for hours until you remedy it.

What is computer vision syndrome?

In computer vision syndrome, you get eye pain from working on the computer or using any digital device for hours. Digital screens emit blue lights, and you stare at these screens for hours, which leads to eye strain and the so-called computer vision syndrome.

Blue light in itself is not harmful. It instead invigorates your mind and makes you feel active and alert. Morning light consists of blue light. Exercising in the morning or spending some time soaking in the morning light can energize you for the whole day. It also alleviates your mood.

But overexposure to these lights can deteriorate your energetic mood. Staring these lights for hours can strain your eyes, making your eyes tired. You also start getting blurry or double vision, often accompanied by an intense headache.

Excessive blue lights also disrupt your sleep cycle, especially if you stay a long hour on digital devices before sleeping.

Computer glasses like blue light blocking glasses can help with computer vision syndrome. These glasses block blue light emissions and eliminate the issue of this syndrome.

How to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome?

While blue light glasses can be helpful to a great extent, they are not the only solution and not solution-for-all glasses.

Wearing any computer glasses or blue light glasses can certainly reduce eye strain and eye fatigue. But if you extend your limits and stay for abnormally long hours on computers, you are inviting health problems. Your high-quality glasses will not work in that case.

To avoid getting computer vision syndrome, follow these steps diligently –

  • Limit Your Screen Time

My first advice is to reduce your screen time. If you are stuck to your phone or laptop screen most of the time in a day, then you must change your habit ASAP. You are exposed to too much blue light.

Your work is crucial. You cannot limit your work hours. If you work more than 8 hours a day, you should better look for a job change. You should not overwork yourself to the point of harming your eyes and body.

Apart from work, if you are inclining on your gadgets for recreation, you should look for better alternatives.

  • Take A Break

Taking a break in between work break the monotonous rhythm of work. And also, you can relieve your eyes from the bright digital screen. Your eyes will not get as tired as they always do.

  • Ingrain 20-20-20 Rule in Your Mind

Taking a coffee break is a good idea. But it is even better if you follow this 20-20-20 break rule. In this rule, you need to take a break in every 20 minutes for 20 seconds and stare at any object 20 feet away. Doing this activity will help in reducing the glare of a screen. You will break your monotonous activity of staring into oblivion, I mean, computer screen.

  • Wear Your Glasses and Sunglasses

Wearing proper eyewear is a must. If you work for long hours on a computer, it is wise for you to get computer glasses irrespective of whether you wear glasses or not. These glasses are not expensive. Further, you can get 24-hour delivery on glasses from Specscart.

  • Mind Your Posture

Not just glasses can help you in reducing eye strain. Minding your posture while working on the computer can reduce computer vision syndrome and avoid many health problems. You should not lean on your computer or stay too far and strain your neck to see clearly.

Keep your computer at eye level. You should not look down on the screen or strain your eyes and neck to look up to the screen.

  • Appropriate Lighting

Don’t use your computer in a dark room. You strain your eyes more in a dark room as you try to see more. And the bright screen appears even bright in a dark room. Maintain a standard light setting for work.

  • Adjust the screen resolution

You can start using dark mode on your phone or computer if you cannot maintain appropriate light conditions every time you use any digital device.

  • Regular eye test

Go for a regular eye test to keep tabs on changes in your glasses power. It will be better for you if you go for a comprehensive eye test.

  • Frequent Blinking 

Do you know you can reduce much of your dry eyes problem by simply blinking constantly? Blinking will activate your tear glands, and your eyes will get lubricated frequently.

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