What Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. has to Say about Tooth Extraction?

tooth extraction

Being one of the most eminent oral and maxillofacial surgeons in North Carolina, Dr. Rolle gets hundreds of cases involving tooth extraction at his clinic Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. Each case is different from one another and rightfully so as human anatomy is unique and different for everyone too. However, the focus of Dr. Rolle and his team remains on the best comfort and care for the patients.

Now, if you are getting your tooth extraction done at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, it is natural that you will be nervous. In fact, there are many people who find it daunting to get any oral health procedure done. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Rolle ensures that his patients remain completely informed about what to expect from the procedure. Take a look at the following points to know about how it will all happen.

The Process of Consultation

The tooth removal can be done for various reasons. Maybe your teeth are decaying. Or you are suffering from an advanced periodontal disease which is resulting in irreparable damage for your tooth. Or poor positioning or impacted teeth can be another cause of tooth extraction procedure. Now, when you are coming for the consultation first, Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. will guide you with the right process that will suit your dental health. This is the time when you can ask questions regarding the procedure as well as let the team to know whether you have any pre-existing health situation which causes taking regular medication. This will help the team of oral surgeons to decide the right course of treatment for you.

The Day of the Procedure

You will be suggested to maintain some precautions just prior to the extraction procedure. You will be suggested to not to consume food after midnight the day prior to the procedure. Also, wearing loose clothing is necessary as you will feel more comfortable. It is suggested that you should be accompanied by an adult as after the surgery, you are not supposed to drive or go home on your own as a precautionary measure since you will be under the effect of local anesthesia.

During the procedure, local anesthetic will be given to numb your jaw and the area of tooth extraction. As the tooth might be deep-rooted or strongly anchored, and widening the socket might seem difficult, you will most likely feel some pressure while the doctor tries to extract it. However, there will be no pain.

Sectioning of the tooth might become necessary in case the whole tooth doesn’t come out at one go for being too deep-rooted.

Recovery Time

After the extraction is done, you are supposed to bite on a gauze pad so that a blood clot can form in the place of the extracted tooth. With this, the healing process will start. You might have to change the gauze pad twice depending on your bleeding. Once the blood clot is formed, avoid rinsing or brushing the area as dislodging the clot will cause more bleeding. For minimizing the swelling, you need to use an ice pack on the side of the face for the next 48 hours. From the next day of the procedure, you can go for a normal diet depending on your pain and comfort.

So, now as you know how the process of tooth extraction will go, you can see there is nothing to worry about, especially when Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. is taking care of you.

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