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dog bites

Even though dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, a dog’s behavior can sometimes be unpredictable. It is very essential to know about the dog bite law and your legal rights if you or your loved one is bitten by a dog.


What is a person’s legal right if they are bitten by a dog?

If you or your loved one is bitten by a dog owned by someone else, in such a case you may be eligible for compensation for the injuries suffered. The owner is considered to be responsible for his pet’s actions. So if a pet dog bit you and the bite causes pain and suffering, the owner of the dog is responsible and may owe you compensation for injuries and medical care. Refer to this website for more information.


When is the Dog owner liable to pay compensation?

The United States Dog Bite Law says that a dog’s owner is liable for injuries caused by the dog if the injured person was not trespassing, did not provoke the dog, and was just passing by the property of the dog’s owner where the dog chased the injured person and bit the person.

A dog owner might not be liable to compensate the injured person in the following cases:

  • The victim teased or taunted the dog
  • The victim was breaking the law
  • The owner posted a warning about the aggressive nature of the dog and the victim chose not to heed the owner’s warning
  • The victim was careless and that carelessness caused the attack.

If you or your loved one have not done any of the above things and still suffered a dog bite it is advised to hire an attorney who can represent you in your dog bite case. Click here to know more about Dog Bite attorneys.


What should someone do if they have been bitten by a dog?

Call the authorities right away. Getting a police report may be difficult depending on the circumstances, but informing police officials about the event makes your case much more valuable. You should get medical attention immediately after a dog bites you. 

You should also make sure to hire an attorney who can represent you in your dog bite case to fight for your rights and to get the compensation you deserve for the injuries suffered while you focus on recovering. The attorneys have the skills, resources, and experiences to handle such cases.

Be sure to ask your potential attorney about the experience he has in handling cases similar to yours and the outcome of the cases that the attorney has previously handled. It is very essential to hire an attorney who has previously handled cases similar to yours before and one who knows the in and out of dog bite cases. Hiring such an attorney improves the odds of the desired outcome in your dog bite case.


Dog Bite Child Law: What Happens When a Dog Bites a Child?

Every year more than 4.5 million dog bites are reported in the United States. Half of these cases belong to children. Since children are still developing and growing, a dog bite may leave a dent in their life for a long time.


How does the dog bite child law protect your child if your child suffers a dog bite injury?

The victims can file a lawsuit against the dog’s owner. The dog’s owner is held liable for injuries caused by their canine companions. There are certain exceptions when a dog owner can escape liability for dog bite injuries caused to an adult but, these exceptions do not apply when children are involved.


Children can be seriously injured by a dog bite

Approximately half of all the cases reported of a dog bite involves a victim who is of 11 years or younger. Dogs and children don’t always mix. The injuries sustained by children in dog bites are:

  • Broken bones
  • Head injury
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Wrongful death

The younger the child, the greater the risk of serious injury. Click here to know more

If your child has suffered a dog bite injury, make sure the child gets medical attention immediately, next call the police and report the incident, and finally, hire an expert dog bite attorney for help.


To conclude –

Dog bite law is made to protect the rights of a victim. If you or your loved one have suffered a dog bite injury, it is advised to seek the help of an expert attorney without any delays.

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