Most Popular Online Movie Maker of 2021 A complete Guide

Online movie making is now one of the most popular skills that a lot of people learn. As digital cameras have become very popular and more accessible to the common people, the demand for movie makers has also skyrocketed. Capturing or shooting video is just half of the process, and the rest lies in the editing.

If you want to make your video more appealing and clear out any unmounted segment from the clips, it is vital that you use a good-quality movie maker. Yes! The kind of video editing software you use has a serious impact on the final result. So, without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the most popular online movie makers you can use in 2021.

1. InVideo Editor – 

InVideo is definitely one of the most popular and easy-to-use movie makers out there. This editing software has a host of features that allow you to carry out all the basic editing along with the more advanced ones.

This online movie editor allows you to cut, rewind, trim, paste and modify any of the video clips that you want. The timeline feature helps you to keep track of every moment of the video in a really efficient way. 

InVideo has a simple UI that is easy to understand and familiarize. It also comes with a tutorial that helps beginners to learn more about the editor. 

It has more than 5000 ready-made templates in its premium video library. Make sure to use these free resources to create more attractive and entertaining content from now on. Just by following a few simple steps, you can now add any music or audio file to the videos.

2. FlexClip – 

It is a free online movie maker that can help you to bring together photos, videos, and music together for making movies. It is really the best choice for those who are planning to make short movies or documentaries.

It has a very simple UI, and that is easy to get used to. People can easily understand the different ways in which they can use the wide range of editing features available on this software. FlexClip is available for free, but you can get exclusive access to all the limited features by paying $5.99 every month. It truly is very affordable.

Edit and tweak your movie with ease using the simple user interface. You can access different features like video trimmer, music cutter, text editor, etc. There are thousands of resources in this software that you can access to revamp your entire video without any hassle. You can use background music, animations, or dynamic text to make your videos more appealing.

3. Kizoa – 

A great movie maker available online, Kizoa is a fantastic video editor too. You can easily edit and upload from this software directly without too much trouble. Use this movie maker to make your own video using the resources that we have right now.

Add your photos, videos, texts, and effects to make yourself difficult to track in the longer run. The free plan for Kizoa comes with a 2-minute HD720 video and 1GB storage. The host of features that help you in cropping, straightening, and rotating the videos, Kizoa has different text and transition options, whereas you can get unlimited access by subscribing to the $29.99 plan that you have to pay monthly. 

You get a watermark with the free version, and that is why we would advise you to get the Pro. The Pro version also offers better rendering speed to a major upgrade in the software. It will take just a few minutes to render even the 4K videos. We have used this software for quite some time and did not see any quality degradation.

4. Adobe Spark – 

Last but not least, we have fantastic Adobe users on the list, and it is named Adobe Spark. This software comes with a new overhauled upgrade that has brought several changes, which include a brand new interface and the addition of several editing tools as well. Adobe Spark can be easy to use for videos of different formats in the highest quality. You can easily access all of these features from the panel.

It has a huge library that includes royalty-free pictures and other resources provided by Adobe. Adobe Spark allows you to edit every nook and corner of your video. So, you have the ultimate control. You can even convert your videos into GIF or Social graphics, flyers, banners, and posters.

Adobe Spark is available for free with limited features, and the Pro version unlocks full access to everything available on the platform. It also removes any watermark from the video, thus giving your videos a more professional look. Pick photos and videos from the stock library and revamp your original content from now.

5. HippoVideo 

Whether you are a YouTuber or IT specialist or a gamer or a teacher, this online movie maker tool will be of immense help. Working on Chrome extension, this tool will help you with capturing and recording in the browser. They have a library for music and image but with limitations. It allows you to select only one music track.

Exporting the videos from this tool on various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, Twitter, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Google is easy. With their free versions, you can get 720p resolutions, whereas the paid version offers 1080p version. 

This tool provides the users with a free trial of a week. After that, it offers two different pricing models for business and education respectively. 

Final Words – 

So, these are the top five online movie making tools that have created a buzz in the market. Making movies online has come a long way, and the industry has seen massive developments in this field. Thus, it is not a surprise if you also want to do the same. With so many different video editors and movie makers available for use, it can be easily confusing to decide which one to choose. That is why you should take a look at our blog and check out the most reliable movie making software used by professionals.


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