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Every car owner understands the importance of periodically changing the oil in the engine and gearbox. It’s a straightforward process but needs some skills, experience, and knowledge. With the regular engine and transmission maintenance, you can save from paying for the engine’s expensive capital or automatic transmission.

When is the right time to change oil, and which one to choose? You can ask such a question with the car mechanic by using a doorstep car repair application.

There is not a single one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to changing engine oil. The whole procedure has its own characteristics depending on the car brand, intensity of operation, whether the car is in warranty or not, compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding use, and so on.

How is oil diagnostics performed? 

Modern diagnostics methods have revolutionized the whole process and eliminated the need to drain the oil and transfer it for examination. Nowadays, the sampling process does not take more than 30 minutes, and the workshop employee will send them to the laboratory for further examination. Usually, test results can be obtained within 48 hours, and they contain the following information: 

  • The level of wear products, metals
  • Availability of coolant
  • Availability of silicon
  • Fuel in oil
  • Water content

Based on the results, a professional car mechanic will give recommendations on the car’s operation and, if required, carry out repair work.

Changing the engine oil 

Servicing a new car engine can be very different from serving a used car. The only thing to consider for new cars is its run-in period, which should be around 5 to 7 thousand kilometers. Whenever this mileage is reached, it becomes necessary to change the engine oil. Every car owner needs to perform this mandatory replacement of engine oil because in this period, all rubbing parts of the internal combustion engine are finally burned in, and it becomes necessary to remove all the running-in products (small metal shavings, primary soot, etc.) from the engine. 

As a rule, all used cars need an oil and filter change every 10-15 thousand kilometers, unless the car is idle. If your car’s engine mostly runs idle, without load, it becomes even more necessary to make engine oil replacements frequently.

Oil change in automatic transmission 

While replacing the oils of the automatic transmission, it is necessary to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle brand.

There is a common misconception that it is not necessary to change the oil in the automatic transmission throughout the car’s entire life. However, as we said earlier, it’s a misconception, and the oil in the box still needs to be changed. It’s a different thing that the intervals between the checkpoint maintenance are much longer than the intervals for maintaining the internal combustion engine.

About the Company: 

At Getpitstop, we are equipped and ready with everything necessary for high-quality car repair. We use advanced diagnostic equipment for accurately determining the cause of your car problem. In addition, most of the complex maintenance is controlled by the computer, which virtually eliminates the possibility of error.

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